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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
well, let me rephrase that- he's my knight in leather chaps
Now that's a keeper!
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
Now that's a keeper!

Thats what I thought!
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There are many reasons I love Travis but here are a few.....

He loves me for me(I am a VERY silly girl and can be immature sometimes)

He brings me back down to earth when I need to be.

He is a WONDERFUL housekeeper(although he has to be. I am the WORST housewife ever!)

He is a great cook.

He loves my cat(what's a better reason than that?!)

He gives me a reason to live everyday the best I can.
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Ok I'm just catching up on a thread I started, but I have to post some comments!
Originally Posted by lookingglass View Post
He tells me he loves me when I am sleeping and he doesn't think I can hear him.
That is just the sweetest thing! I know DH will sometimes rollover and kiss my head....I also know from him telling me that he has kissed my face and I swatted him away and grunted something!
Originally Posted by Mirinae View Post
Plus, he kills spiders. It's important, in every relationship, that at least one half of the couple is capable of doing this. I am not that half.
I'm not that half either! DH has a whole technique to killing the bugs in our home!
Originally Posted by Pamela View Post
This thread is AWESOME. Some of your comments have made me tear up and it's NOT easy making me cry!

I have not had the opportunity to be in a real "love" relationship and I'm in my mid 30's! Reading all of your comments gives ME HOPE that I can find someone out there who will love me along with my furbabies AND I love him back!

*sigh* When will it ever happen????
I'm all teary eyed too. (Have been a lot lately. I sure don't think I'm preggo so it must be stress/nerves! ) I'm sure there is someone out there meant for everyone. And the right one is worth waiting for. IMHO!
Originally Posted by mybabyphx View Post
The most important part is that he taught me about myself. He opened up a window in my heart. I learned things about myself, that I never knew before. Because of this, I will love him for being an individual and for who he is!
That is just beautiful! (More tears!)
Originally Posted by Persi & Alley View Post
Always being there. In our 5 1/4 years of marriage, we have traveled to 18 countries together and have never spent a night away from each other. I always go on business trips with her, Egypt or wherever. But next week her company is sending her to Seattle (where we were just three weeks ago) and she will be sharing a dorm with students of hers. I think if you ask me this question in another week I will have a very different perspective on it. Don't be surprised if I post KatKwiz at three in the morning as I will be acting quite, well, not normal. I have a feeling I am going to have a new definition for the word lonely. But, thank God for the cats! My precious, beloved cats!
Hehe...I can relate! I grew up through my teen years with my stepfather in the military, but being a military wife is a whole different ball of wax! We started dating after 1 deployment, had one durring our engagement (one almost cancel our wedding!) and 2 in the first 2 years of our marriage. Now he's out of the military, but had to go away for an inactive reserve exercise for 5 days-just 4 nights, and I was a mess!

Mooch and Noodles were adopted a week before he left on his second deployment of our marriage. DH is allergic so we'd gone without cats till then. But he knew I was miserable without them. And I'd not fared mentally very well during the last deployment, so we did some talking and decided to get me a kitten to keep me company. But then Mooch and Noodles were the last 2 there of their litter, so we just had to get them both! I love him for doing that for me. It means the world!
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I love my DH because he works two full time jobs so that I can focus entirely on school. He says he is investing in his future. I just hope he can survive for one more year....
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There are too many reasons to count as to why i love Colin! The biggest reason is that I know without a shadow of a doubt that I can trust him with my whole heart in anything. He is ALWAYS there for me and well....he means more than anything else in the world to me. My life would be incomplete without him in it. Also- he shows me in sooo many ways every single day just how much he loves me and appreciates me by the little things he does- a kiss on my forehead, hanging the mirror in the bathroom, cooking dinner when i'm exhausted, the list goes on and on- i couldn't ask for a better man. God has truely blessed me.
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I love my SO because he is a sweet, gentle soul, even though he looks like he would eat small children for breakfast.
He respects women, particularly elderly women, and will hold doors, carry packages, and will watch to make sure a lone woman will get safely to her car, even if it is someone we don't know. He does not allow bad language around most women outside the tattoo shop.
When he rescued Fluffy, he sat outside with her tucked inside his jacket for several hours until I could come get her and take her home. It was Christmas Eve and freezing cold. He loves all the kitties, but she is his baby.
He loves me unconditionally, even though he knows everything about me. We were friends for years before we were a couple, and went into this relationship woth our eyes open. 22 years later, we are still very much in love, even though we have been through some rough times, or maybe because we have made it through some rough times. I cannot imagine life without him.
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There are so many things I like about DH, I'm not sure where to begin!

For starters, he is understanding, he listens to me, he is very honest (almost to the point of annoyingly so!), he can cook, he can make a bed, he can do laundry, he always thinks of me...

He looks intimidating, but is very gentle. He tries really hard to bond with Princess who is pretty much a 1 person cat.. but he tries anyway and loves her. He thrives off of me being happy.. if I'm not, he's not. He tries to give me everything I ever ask for. He kills the spiders and bugs when Princess won't. Whenever he makes friends he always wants me involved when they do things, it's usually me that says "you can go out without me you know.." lol.

He is respectful of others, opens doors, helps carry things (he's a fairly muscular guy still from his wrestling days). He helps me understand things. We balance each other out.. he is very good with numbers and math and I am very good at writing/typing/spelling. He is good at fixing things, and I am good at fixing things that are electronic (he has no clue lol).

A little story: He had never been able to meet my family when my grandmother passed away. He took off work, drove me from Wisconsin to Missouri for the funeral. Everyone was clearly upset, and when I checked on him, he was sitting quietly, watching and offering assistance to everyone. I had to comfort and seek comfort with my family so I couldn't be with him the whole time, but he met people on his own and let people talk about their grief if need be. He sat and talked with my Aunt who's had a brain tumor removed and doesn't speak very well, but he was patient and let her figure out the words (which is a very slow process and can be frustrating for her and whoever is listening). He was just absolutely amazing! Talking and comforting and helping these people he's never met just because they are my family.

I think he's great! I am his biggest fan and he is my best friend
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Let me count the ways:

He accepts me for who I am, thinks I am perfect. Inside AND out. Even when I'm Little Miss Nasty during certain hormonal rollercoasters.

He cooks! He cleans! He does his OWN LAUNDRY! He has cats! (2 of 'em which are now mine too!)! He loves our dog just as much as our dog loves him!

He doesn't mind defurring the sofa, chairs, the bed, etc. I've known men who thought the idea of cat hair on furniture was the equivalent of a dead rat in your coffee.

He is oh-so-funny. Everything is comical but he can be very serious & professional and all that stuff when it counts. His sense of humor is mirror-image to mine. So we basically laugh a lot.

He's an excellent father! The first and foremost thing that attracted me to him... we were both single parents when we met, and I was sick of 'bad dads'... he's wonderful with both the kids (and the kitties & dog).

He is totally unabashedly unafraid of just about anything. He stands up for me, my daughter, his son... very outspoken and extremely protective.

He's hot! One of the first physical things I noticed was around the back... mmm hmm, lookie-nice in jeans, he does...

Along with the above-mentioned stuff, he's hardworking, imaginative, creative, and very youthful.

We get along so well, and I believe our love is genuinely the best I've ever known simply because, if you can belch in front of a man and he laughs about it instead of scolding you... hey, it's gotta be love. He actually encourages me being 'me', which in the past... 'me' was always 'bad' or 'not good enough'.

(it's that whole 'he accepts me' thing)
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