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Where did you get your kitties?

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I'm going to guess there are many shelter/stray/feral kitties adopted by people here! These are ours:

Oberon - stray
Sparkle - shelter
Lily - shelter

What about yours?
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Jazzy - rspca (i can't leave her off my list, she's only been gone 6 weeks and she's still my little baby)

Charlie - rspca

Cleo - vet (picked up by the council and was going to be put to sleep, but the vets knew Tristans mum couldn't say no to her)
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Miss Kitty~stray
Chloe~stray(at my moms)

The others I got from people
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eazy= hmm found me, he must moved in with out asking(how rude is that)
blackie=kitten itta saved from being killed by owner
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All 6 of my were MIL's barn cats. 5 lost their mother when they were still nursing so they were bottle fed, Little one was older, about 4 months when we got her. So, I don't know if we actually rescued them...maybe rescued them from being stepped on by a goat!
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Both of my kitties were from the humane society. Zebra was at petcetera because the humane society had too many kitties at the time, but I had to go to the humane society to adopt her and then back to petcetera to pick her up.
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Velvet- Memphis Humane Society

Jasmine- Mewtopia Cat Rescue (who rescued her from Memphis Animal Services- the most high kill shelter in the mid south)

Isabella-Mewtopia Cat Rescue (who rescued her from Memphis Animal Services - who in turn rescued her from a very horrid breeder situation where she was severly abused)

Kojak- Bartlett Animal Shelter (where i work/foster)

ALL of my kitties (except Velvet) were "failed" foster kitties and all 4 were rescues

Abilene- my other kitty who now lives with my mom (i couldn't take her with me- she's too bonded to my mom and she's like her little side kick) I found her floating in a little water puddle half drown with her siblings in our backyard many years back when we had a really bad flash flood storm.
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Chynna: She was abandoned in the stairwell of a building I used to live in. The security people tried to find her home for a week but couldn't So they put her outside The building was on a very busy street that had buses and huge trucks on it too I found her the next morning crying and hiding in the bushes. I took her in and planned to take her to the Humane Society that evening after work. I got home and she was sleeping on my bed and when I picked her up she hugged me and gave me nose kisses and that was it!!! I've had her since May 1993. She's about 15 1/2 years old now.

Abby: I adopted her in 1998 from my friend's daughter's room-mate. She was 4 months old at the time and she just turned 9 years on June 19th which is her actual birthday!
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Skye and her kittens came from Animal control.
Calamity was a stray that had her feral kittens in a fireplace in the apartment that I live in. I caught them.
The newest little fosters were abondend in front of a petstore.
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Loki - Humane Society
Possum - rescue group

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I only have one cat from the shelter right now. In the past every animal I have ever had were from shelters, taken in strays, or rescues that didn't end up leaving. Her name is Dora. I fostered her mom and her siblings and decided to keep her she is a black dsh, however her mother was a ragdoll (kind of why I fostered them)
All my ragdolls came from breeders or born at my cattery.
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Tiger's mom was a stray who adopted us and had kittens in my closet... Tiger was one of them

The cat brats..... looooooooong story... to make it short, my closet again (Thier mother Reilly was supposedly spayed but the vet lied)

Tonka, a small shelter rescue

Jake (the dog) came from SPCA
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I got both Linus and Sassy from the Humane Society.

I also got my cat Flip whom I lost to kidney failure this last march there also.
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Glory-Mom's cousin's cat had kittens
Tiger-shelter via my Mom marrying my step-Dad
Olivia-My Aunt, couldn't keep her in her apartment
Mooch & Noodles-Shelter
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Aristotle came courtesy of TCS member Andeshan who was fostering his mother and Topaz was a stray.
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Spud-from a litter that my cat had. He'll be 13 years old next month. My mom has his brother and my daughter has one of his sisters. Daughter had two but one has passed on.

Siam-rescued. Someone dumped him here when he was about three months old. It took us a month to be able to nab him and bring him in. Their loss and my great big loving gain! He is 20 months old now.
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All girls were from the animal shelter I volunteer at. Stumpy and Smudge are both "failed" fosters, Lily is the only one we intentionally adopted
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Dylan Ishmael -- the SPCA shelter in McKinney. Someone else had just been looking at him and was planning to come back later... but he made it clear he was going home with us, and now I don't know what we would ever have done without him.

Sassy Lane -- the shelter where I volunteer. We were looking for a companion for Dylan, and we were just leaving the kitten room when what we thought was a pillow stood up and stretched! She was all sleepy and snuggly... instant love.

Clyde Lee -- the shelter where I volunteer. I would get hung up on him during my rounds in the kitten room... hold him like a baby for hours, sing to him, exchange nosekisses with him... until finally one day, somebody said, "When are you taking your cat home, anyway?"

Abby Helen -- the shelter where I volunteer. She was a feral who started out as a foster, but never became adoptable, so she's our girl now, and we love her dearly... partly because she's Clydie's mom!

Pearl Noelle -- the SPCA shelter in The Colony, via a PetSmart adoption event. We weren't looking for a kitty, though I did intend to get Clyde a companion someday... but we stopped to pick up some cat food and there she was. My mom said, "This is your kitty. If you don't adopt her, I will, because she's the one." So I took a leap of faith... and oh boy, was Mom right!

St. John Dundee -- the shelter where I volunteer. Someone threw him out of a car when he was six weeks old, a trucker rescued him, he ended up at the shelter, and we took him as a foster... supposedly for just two weeks. But we were goners from day one!
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Bosco, Bear, Max and Jasmine- born here..their momma was a stray that we took in (Kayla)

Buddy- Was born under the house to a feral momma (Kaylas sister). I caught him and his sister when they were around 8-9 weeks old and tamed them.

Molly- came here as a stray kitten.
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Sebastian - decided to move in the same day I moved back to my mother's. The kids at the house he was supposed to be at were abusive little monsters and their parents

Daphne: from an ad on craigslist.
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What's a "failed foster"?
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
What's a "failed foster"?
Its a foster that you fall i love with and then adopt.
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Hercules-was born may 20th last yr...We didnt know a cat we were taking care of was prego...found homes for everyone and lulu went back home.
Dawkins-my moms cat pickles had him and dave wanted an orange cat...
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Originally Posted by Fostermomm View Post
Its a foster that you fall i love with and then adopt.
Oh, I'm glad it's a good thing!

Thought I'd add my RB kitties.

Kitty-Cat - adopted from cousin's cat who had kittens
Diana - 4 week old kitten washed up (on my doorstep) during a flood
Moon-Pie - pregnant stray, again showed up at my door
Wilda - foster I fell in love with (and vice versa) so I guess she was a failed foster. Wilda and my daughter shared the same birthday, different year.
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Its a years long story but to make it short I rescued them from a busy shopping center parking lot all except Cammie & Mickey. And kept them I must have lost my mind now though I wouldn't trade them for anything
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Mufasa who is almost 11 my vet found in a dumpster and I bottle fed her she was 2 weeks old
Kiara who is 2 we got her from a lady that had an ad in the paper
Nala who is 1 my hubby found in our trash can out in the front yard. He was so cute about giving her to me because he knew I wanted a solid black cat for a long time and there she was I think sometimes that God sent her to me so I coud take care of her crazy huh?
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Sierra & Serenity both found me! Sierra was outside a book store and Serenity along side the road
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Tiny - was a stray rescued by hubby at work
Rosie - used to live with the people across the street, but decided to move in with us
Sister - Rosie's daughter, she also decided to move in with us (her brother Argyle also moved in)
Bucky - born to a feral mother in a friend's shed
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Patches was an orphaned kitten that a co-worker had rescued. She had a lot of animals already and was looking for a home for him.

Alice came from a pet store. I know that has a bad reputation but this particular store gets their kittens from people bringing in unwanted litters and during kitten season from small rescues that are full.
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We got Willow from a free-kittens ad in the paper (it was 6 years ago, though; we didn't know any better)

Buffy was a 4 week old orphan we got from the vet hospital, the day after her mom and siblings all died.

Molly came from a tree that grows cats. Haha, nah, we found her stuck in a tree (she'd been there for at least 5 hours, according to nearby homes), and we brought her home with the intention of keeping her only until someone claimed her as their lost kitty, but nobody called, so we ended up keeping her.
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