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Having Kittens-- HELP!!!!

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OK it's been so long since I've had kittens but--
Delphine came up the stairs about 20 minutes ago with a kitten hanging out of her. Once I was by her side she laid down to work on the kitten but it was just hanging out. Finally it got detached from her.
But her nipples-- are DRY. They are not even sticking out. I don't know what to do...
How long can a kitten go before it needs it's first feeding??
What can I do if her nipples stay dry and ... they aren't sticking out like they were just a few days ago?
Could she be dehydrated?
I'm so scared that I'll lose these kittens. We had a lot of kittens when I was a kid, and a couple of litters that didn't make it. One little of 5, one litter of 2. And it was horrendous.
Please help regarding the nipples and when the first feeding needs to take place.

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Until someone knowledgeable comes along, did you check the stickies at the top? Sorry I can't be of more help, but there's a wealth of info there. I hope everything turns out O.K.
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notme...........give her (momma) until tomorrow........remember it's hard sometimes to give birth

If she's not feeding by tomorrow night, call a vet.......which I know, sucks on a Friday afternoon/night.
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Kittens usually nurse on mom as soon as they are born. If mom is unable to nurse have someone go to the grocery store and pick up some milk replacement and kitten bottles. I picked up some of the Hartz milk replacer from HEB so hopefully your local store carries something similar. Keep baby close to mom and see if she figures things out. Like the others said I'm also not experienced I'm just telling you what I would do until you find someone who knows more.
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Oh, and congratulations on the kittens. Let us know how everything goes.
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Congrats on your kittens arrival!!!!!

Most kittens head straight towards the milk bar as soon
as mum cleans them off.

She will probably not lay there n allow them to feed... until she has
delivered the last kitten & cleaned herself up a bit.

Have you squeezed one of the nipples to test for milk????
You need to squeeze from the base... behind the actual nipple, on the
skin bit. Her milk may just be a bit late coming in.

If mum cat duz have no milk.. the 1st tihing you will need to give them
will be a Colostrum Replacement... Here where I live we can get it from a vet.
Colosturm is very important for the babies!!!

Please keep us updated on how the little mummy is going!!!

Mr K's Mum.
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