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Bugs in cat vomit

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While cleaning the family room, I found some (old) cat vomit behind the couch. I don't know how long it has been there since I don't look back there often. Regardless, it gets vacuumed once a month.

It was mostly un-chewed dry food, so I know which cat it is. He used to vomit frequently, but now only does so once every two months since I changed his diet a few years ago.

Anyway, as I was looking at the vomit I saw little beetle looking things in it.

What are the chances that my cat has something wrong with it? I'd rather not take them to the vet since they are active and act healthy... and the trip to the vet is always traumatic for them.

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hmmm...I don't know. Do you think the beetle looking things could have found the vomit after the fact? That's what I'm thinking.
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Sometimes my cats eat bugs and then vomit. Or the bug could have come after the vomit. I don't believe cats get beetle type bugs in their stomachs.
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i definitely think that it was there after the fact. it was probably attracted to the decaying food.
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They would have to have made their way all the way across the family room floor. I suppose it is possible. There looked to be both beetle-like things, as well as longer pill-bug looking things. They were about twice as long as a normal pill bug.

Well, I guess I will have to hope that they found their way over after the fact. Maybe they are only beetles/crawly things during adolescence and transform into a flying insect which could easily fly to the vomit. That's what I'll keep telling myself. ;-)
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I think it would be a good idea to take the cat to the vet to be tested for worms or other internal parasites. It sounds like a lot of bugs, and too many to have been randomly eaten.
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I know alot of people have carpet beetles in their house, even if they keep it super clean. The beetles eat food particles in our rugs, so it very well could have been that. Pictures would help.
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