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Medieval Wedding Pics

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OK, well I have had a couple people ask to see my wedding pics, and I think I just figured out how to use photobucket. I had a medieval themed wedding in 2005. We dressed up, and encouraged our guests to do so also. We built a "castle" as best we could from some party stuff ordered online. The girls and I came in on horse and carriage and that is the way DH and I left. It was a great night. Hope you enjoy my pics, and good luck to all of those that are planning weddings now. Who says that they have to be traditional??
I really wanted to feel like a princess, my shoes were even clear "glass"!

Hope this isn't too big!!

This is our cake, I'm not sure if you can tell or not, but there is a light inside the castle.

This is my dress. It is traditional with a medieval feel....

My dad's nickname has always been "Wizard" and he was our wizard!

Our thrones with the castle tower in the background. I think there were 5 towers. It was humid, and they started to droop by the end of the night, but OH Well!

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wow, that is awesome!! you looked beautiful!!
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That's so cool! I've dreamt of a medievil themed wedding all my life!!!

I love your dress
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Awesome pics! And your dad IS the Wizard!
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Great pics! I think that's a wonderful idea, and looks like everyone had a lot of fun. I love the groomsmen's outfits.
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What a beautiful and magical wedding!
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You look beautiful!
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Thanks everybody! I wish I could do it all over again! It went by so fast!
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Oh, I TOTALLY am digging on this - what a blast - you must be really fun people to hang out with! Thanks for sharing!

What's up with the lady with the sour expression on her face in the Wizard pic?
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look cool
this is coming from a guy that hates weddings,
heck i did not even want to show up for mine.
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Nice pics, you were a beautiful bride
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post

What's up with the lady with the sour expression on her face in the Wizard pic?
That's my neighbor from across the street. I'm not sure what she was doing/thinking.
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I absolutely love it! I always wanted a medieval wedding or something like the Lord of the Rings. You look so beautiful!!!
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Thats awesome!!! I totally love your pictures!! You guys all look great!!
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I'm so glad you figured out photobucket! The pics are wonderful and you love absolute gorgeous!!
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Beautiful wedding - gorgeous bride and stunning groom Looks like everyone was having fun! Maybe you and hubby could throw a costume party every year on your anniversary so you can do it all again.
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Very cool pictures
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Wow, you look gorgeous!!
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Lovely - I always wanted a medieval wedding but couldn't convince my hubby. At least I had a medieval style gown as well (with flower head piece).

Looks like you had a fabulous time!
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We did something similar for my nephew and his wife. They got married quickly by a judge (great nephew born 7 months later ) but nephew promised wife a fairy tale wedding. Two years later we did. Even got my uncle, a minister, to wear a friar-type outfit. And imagine getting the groomsmen - half of them marines - to wear leggings! (They refused tights.)
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