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Tar in fur...

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I just adopted a stray kitty...BEAUTIFUL Orange & white striped tabby, probally about 10 months old, 'Buddy'. Anyway, he was in the street & odviously got into some fresh tar being layed into the street & has it in his paws (between his pads) & some on the fur of his tail. I have given him a bath in dishwashing liquid (as suggested to me by the vet), but that didnt really help.
Does anyone have some suggestions of anything I can try?
Thanks in advance!!
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a couple of websites recommend a cooking oil or petroleum jelly. Try a small spot to see if it works for you. depending on the amount there, it may take several days to get it out.
And you will have to bathe her with a shampoo for oily hair!
Good luck and thanks for taking her in.
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Thanks, I will gladly try!
He's such a sweety, I had to take him in. He's a lap cat that really likes spagetti & lemon cookies -- lol. Plus he is great with my 3 year old.
I am just a BIG cat person!!
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Try peanut butter - you HAVE to get the tar off the paws - the cat cannot be licking it! Maybe call your vet and see what will take it off.

If it was on the body/fur, you can cut it out but not on the paws.
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Yea, I have cut out the tar in his fur.
Called the vet again concerning the tar in his paws, & they dont seem overly concerned.
Its stuck in there pretty well. It is starting to wear down though.
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How funny, I have the exact same problem! I just took in an adorable sweet Orange tabby who got into some tar. The vet gave me some sedatives and pain killers and told me to soak his paws in dishwasher soap and water after he is sedated. She said try to soak for 5 min (kitty wont let me though) and then try to peel the tar off. It has sort of been working but he isn't letting me take it off even though he is sedated. Any success with these other methods mentioned?
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