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World In Conflict

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The year is 1989.

The Soviet Union, being close to collapse, tries to blackmail the UN, telling them that they will attack into Western Europe if they aren't given aid. The UN refuses and waves of Soviet tanks and troops pour across the borders of their European neighbors.

While US and NATO forces in Europe mobilize to counter the Soviet advance the Red Army devises a bold plan. Using commercial transport ships and aircraft the Soviets open a second front on the west coast of the United States. This attack on the US mainland is a diversion, meant to keep US forces bogged down in the States so that they can't REFORGER (REturn of FORces to GERmany) into gear to bolster the troops in the European theater.

The upcoming game World In Conflict offers the "What if..." scenario in which this happens. The game is due out in the fall and looks fantastic, I may have to upgrade the computer again but I'm definately getting this one.

Here are some videos for it:
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Woohoo! If they have it for Mac, I may have to invest, too!
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looks good, i sent you a pm with the game that i am playing now,
dont know if its something you would like or not
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