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tornado warnings

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Well they said we would get rain. There is a tornado about 20 miles north of me right now. and storm warnings pretty much all over. Looks like the worst of it is gonna miss us although they are talking strong storms through tomorrow. This could be a long night.
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Eek! Stay safe, I don't like storms!
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Me either im terrified of tornadoes and lightning (theres my fear of fire).
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they just had a tornado touch down a few counties over, and we got the bad thunder and lightning storm ( see OMG post).
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We just had a severe storm go thru here! I love storms ,we don't get enough to suit me!!Its all over now, now its very cool outside.We had real bad storms Tuesday night but I missed them I was at work.
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Next life, I want to be a storm chaser - so exciting!

My oldest sister used to call it "tomato weather" so we wouldn't get scared.
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Stay safe!! I love a good ole' thunderstorm~but just not them nasty tornadoes!!!
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Stay safe! There was a severe thunderstorm warning for the northeast part of my county & I'm in the southerwest part...still was freaky!!!
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We've had freaky weather like that all week...well the last 2 weeks actually. I love thunderstorms but once the tornado watches come out, I start to panic. I was at work last week, and we had 3 that touched down within 20 miles. And, we live in the mountains...tornadoes aren't supposed to happen here!But, I know first hand that they do. Just stay safe and keep an eye on the sky.
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Oh I hope you don't have to deal with the tornadoes!

I've just recently moved from the midwest & am SO glad I don't have to worry about them any more!
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Hope you have been able to stay safe, I'd pass you some of our gorgeous weather, but I don't know how!
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Thank you all it looks like iowas gonna get hit again later today. I am sopposed to get my coloring finished in my tattoo later but if the weather gets bad i might have to reschedual it.
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Hey, April, I'm in Iowa too. Was working during the tornado drills, and we couldn't allow any customers to leave. I'm in Waterloo, and there was one tornado about a mile from me, and also another by the airport...none touched down, however.

I didn't know we were supposed to get more possible warnings today! Eeek!!!
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I was born in IA, lived in Hiawatha (suburb of Cedar Rapids for those who don't know) & in Center Point (kinda near Waterloo). I hope you all didn't have any serious weather there!
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Originally Posted by mickey14 View Post
We just had a severe storm go thru here! I love storms ,we don't get enough to suit me!!.
I totally agree!
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