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Anyone have a video of their favorite musical performance?
Here is mine!


I wish I were there......
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Disturbed @ Ozzfest 06... I couldnt find a video from my location (Alpine Valley) so I stole one from another state: Also not the best song performance... Down With The Sickness was my favorite but I couldnt find a clear video.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OeFD28mjlM (Stupify)
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AHHH I love Disturbed
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For right now, my favorite is Stream of Consciousness by Dream Theater. It's currently my favorite because I'm currently trying to learn it but the middle solo is pretty much impossible.

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LOL thanks. There are alot of live videos I love, but havent seen in person. So I had to pick one I've seen. Also Seether did an awesome performance at Summerfest last year...

This is the one I actually witnessed... I was in the crowd at this performance (I saw disturbed last year at Ozzfest but I couldnt find a video from my location)

Here is a video and a drum solo:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4-8tc-zklo (amazing drummer, audio distorted but great live)


Also... Not at my location but another Ozzfest band (that I LOVE and saw perform) Lacuna Coil:

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