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Flaky Paw Pads

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Has anyone had a cat where the skin on their paw pads flaked similar to our feet when they get dry? Is there something I can put on her pads to moisturize them where she won't lick it off, and if she does try to lick it, it won't hurt her to digest any of it?
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Maybe some vasaline might help? As far as I know, petroleum is a main ingredient in hairball remedies so it should pass through her system ok. I've never had this problem...so it's just a guess. I'm sure one of the experts will chime in and tell you the best solution. Sorry that I'm not much help.
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I just noticed that you are from Kansas! Where at in Kansas? I live in Fairbury Nebraska which is about 10 miles from the Kansas border. I haven't yet met anyone from Kansas or Nebraska on this site. Heidi (valanhb) told me she grew up in Nebraska, but other than that I think I'm the only diehard Nebraskan on here! LOL
Anyway, nice to meet you and hope to see your name floating around on the site!
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Then you can lightly scrape away any dead skin with your nails. You can moisturise with mineral oil. (baby oil)
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I know people who use Bag Balm on their dog's paw pads.
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Shell, I am in Olathe, Kansas right next to Overland Park. Is Fairbury close to I29? I've been up that when when my brother lived in Omaha for a while, he's since moved to Manhattan, KS. My sister lives in Overland Park, but we all come from small town Iowa! Good to meet you too!

Thanks all for the tips, I'm gonna start with some oil and see what happens. I'm hoping it's just dry skin and not some allergic thing going on, if it was I think I'd see an irritation of some kind wouldn't I?
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Please don't use vaseline, that will just break down the pads more. Instead, use bag balm on them, and only use a little bit, as a little bit goes a long way. She will not want to lick her pads but once when the balm is spread on them.
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Alf gets rough paws during the summer, when he spends more time out and about - they are soft and silky at the moment, as he hibernates during winter and refuses to go out if there is a slight chill in the air (don't blame him).
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Both my kitties are indoor only kitties. Just the older one's pads are peeling just slightly on one paw and the other paws are just a little dry looking. They have been ever since I got her from a breeder. She also has a little dandruff on her back toward the tail end and my vet gave me some special oil to squirt on her food once a day for that, so maybe that will also help her dry pads. She said it takes a good 4 weeks to see results with this oil and I think I'm starting to see her skin less flaky now so maybe the rest of her will follow suit! Thanks for the tips!
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