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Please remove my data from The Cat Site. I cannot abide the nastiness I've read in a recent thread. I appreciate your efforts in creating and maintaining this web site, but I'm no longer "at home" here.

Thank you.

Joe (plus =^..^=s Michaela and Tonya)

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Okay, I walked off (so to speak) over the way this matter was handled. But I'm back. And the reason I'm back is that Blue, Donna and Three-Legged Kat convinced me (though they diplomatically avoided putting it in so many words) I'd be a big jerk to just stomp off over this disagreement. They're right! I'm sorry to have abandoned ship in the midst of a stormy sea, but I couldn't stay away. Silly me. I'm here for the duration.


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Which thread was that? I won't have nastiness around here!
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Okay, I found the thread and I think the "nasty" parts have already been edited out.

I want to use this as a trigger for a wholesome discussion about forum rules (which we don't have at the moment and which I need to put in writing).

I'm glad you're still with us Joe.
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I e-mailed Joe and apologized for my rudeness. From now on, whenever someones asks for help or advice on two subjects that I am adamantly against (declawing and NOT spaying/neutering) I will simply hook them up to a link and ask them to read it. Mr. Cat made me realize that no matter what I do or say, people are going to do what they want anyway. And it is pointless to get all bent out of shape and stressed out over it. I am really sorry for all the problems I caused voicing my opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Unfortunately some people are offended by it.

Again, I am sorry.
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Donna, I fully understand where you're coming from and why you have such strong feelings about this. Unlike Mr. Cat, I do think we can make a difference and maybe change the minds of at least some of the owners. The key to that is being sympathetic and kind and making them identify with you. The way you convey the message can make all the difference. I know it's hard sometimes, but it really is for the best of the cats... That is my opinion anyway.

I don't want to stop people from voicing their opinions. What's more, as the owner of the forums I take a very clear stand on declawing and spaying/neutering. I think we totally agree on these issues.

I really appreciate the huge contribution you make to the forums Donna and yours too Mr. Cat! I hope you both stick around for years to come.
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What's all this about my supposedly saying we can't make a difference? Where did that come from? Of course we can make a difference! It's a matter of how one goes about it. So, now I'm the bad guy here? I didn't start the flaming. I never said we couldn't make a difference. I'm not going to become a scapegoat for a problem I didn't start. Geez Louise, people!

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No need to get upset! Turns out we do agree then. I guess I misunderstood something along the line.

My heartfelt apologies! And please let's get back to the happy smilies!
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Thank you! It's smooth sailing from here! What I learned: I should never post messages in the morning without first having a cup of coffee.

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And I should never post replies unless I've taken my "happy" pills first. It gets me into too much trouble.

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