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Fiesty Kitten Issues...

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The title pretty much says it all. Zoey is so totally fiesty!!! I let her outside about 1-1.5 hours a day to play with Chloe and Starbucks (her brother and sister), June and Rose (her aunts, which are really her age), Sherbert and Lucy (her cousins). And she just attacks them fearlessly with an outstanding amount of energy and fiesty-ness! But she's a kitten, so I totally understand that. At midnight, she'll spend half an hour pouncing all over my bed until she finally realizes I am going to completely ignore her and she goes back to sleep. I realize she is a kitten and has tons of energy, which is why she gets to play with 6 other kittens her age, gets to romp in the bushes and grass, and I also spend about 1.5 hours of day playing with her one-on-one. But sometimes this gets a little out of hand! Take for instance, when she is in a romping mood. I may want to let the dog in out of the heat for a while, so I go to pick her up. She scratches and screams like "LET ME DOWN!" and struggles. And sometimes she'll be completely sweet and you pick her up and she'll be purring and your petting her... Then she gets this hilarious face because she screams at me, which wrinkles up her nose and gives her eyes this evil look, and reaches out and deliberately swats me in the face!!! With claws! I understand when she's palying and attacks me arm, but this totally disrespectful, out-of-the-blue stuff... Is it normal? How can I correct it? I don't want her to be totally out of hand in a few months! Where do I draw the line and how can I correct her bad behavior?
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Cats have different tolerance levels when it comes to being handled by humans. I see it with my 5 young ones. On one end, Ni will stick to me like glue and adores being hugged, petted, kissed,... and at the other end is Go, who after one caress on his back he is off to play and will avoid being touched let alone carried.
I have never tried to change them. I only learned to know when they had enough cuddling. For example, let's say Zoey is content in your arms for 5 minutes, put her down after 4.
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