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I shouldn't be allowed to own pets!

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I feel absolutely horrible! You all know I love my cats...as much as I love my skin kids, right! Well after yesterday I feel like I shouldn't be allowed to own them and that someone should report me - I told my DH to do it! I didn't sleep all night I was so upset with myself.

I locked Pepperpot in the closet yesterday for 14.5 hours! I am so ashamed! She must have snuck into my bedroom closet while I was getting my clothes out for work. I know she has a tendancy to do that which is why I check every time before I closed it. I swear I checked yestreday morning! I remember moving one of my dresses that almost reach the ground - she wasn't there! She must have snuck in while I was closing the door. She was in there all day! When I got home, I didn't go change right away and when I did, the clothes were dirty so I didn't put them in the closet. She didn't meow when I was in there changing. I didn't hear her until I was trying to get D-man settled bed time! She was in there from 6:40 am to 9:05 pm! As soon as I openned the door she zoomed downstairs. I called to my DH who was getting Kev into bed and he took over with Derek and I went searching for Peeps!

She seemed fine - but I was crying and apologizing profusely. She even came up for snuggles! At least yesterday wasn't too hot out - our closets get very hot when it is hot outside. She pooped in the closet, but didn't seem to pee. She tried to bury her poop (she is a very clean cat) and ended up putting my slippers over it. I am going to keep a close eye on her for the next few days, but she seemed her normal self this morning. Me - I'm still shattered!

Lets just say that this morning I made sure I saw her before leaving the house.

I am a horrible meowmy - I don't know how she has forgiven me already!
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Aww she forgave you. Now you need to do the same. It happens not your fault. And shes OK. hugzzz. Your not a bad mommy.
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We have done the same. Actually I yelled at Molly for it cause she never cries to get out. Now Lucky hates closed doors and would have been knocking.
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Your not a bad owner! One time I accidently locked my ex hubbies cat Tiger in the closet for 21 hours. We couldnt find her anywhere. Searched the neighborhood, put up signs and called all the local vets and AC. The next morning after a very sleepless night I went and opened the coat closet and out she ran! So dont feel so bad at least it wasnt almost 24 hours!
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Don't be too hard on yourself. That could happen to anyone! It sounds like she is fine.
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Don't feel bad! These things happen, and it's not your fault! Maybe you should post a sign on the closet door "No cats allowed, or else!" It's ok, and I know she's forgiven you!
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Don't worry, your still a good meowmy. My kitten does that all the time and I forget about her for a short period of time. I warn her in advanced that if she goes in there is no telling how long she will be in there. She always goes in there in the am, when I am a walking zombie and in a rush to get ready for work. The good thing is that I do a head count before I leave to make sure no one is in the closet... otherwise she would be in there for about 10 hours! Both of my cats are closet crazy, I just don't get it?
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Thanks everyone! I feel horrible - it was like I locked Kevin or Derek in there - My hubby kept telling me she was fine, but lets just say I will be giving her extra attention for the next little while!
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Oh, don't feel bad! I think every this has happened to every cat-person I know. (And one dog-person.)

Originally Posted by Crazyforinfo View Post
We have done the same. Actually I yelled at Molly for it cause she never cries to get out. Now Lucky hates closed doors and would have been knocking.
Spike does this too -- he'll hop into the closet and, once the door is closed and he wants to get out, he won't cry to be let out, he'll just sit and wait. And wait. And wait ... Which is funny, if you consider the fact that he isn't patient for anything else and is, in fact, a very mouthy cat!

Oz is wise and doesn't go into closets. He's learned that there's nobody in there who will feed him, pet him or clean up his poops -- consequently, closets have nothing to offer him.
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You are being way too hard on yourself. She's probably forgotten about it by now. Best not to focus on the one mistake but on all the wonderful things you do for her, not least the great home she has with you.
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Yep, I've locked Stumpy in the tiny pantry as well, and felt like the worst person in the world.

Pepperpot is probably thinking it's worth getting locked in the closet for all the attention she's receiving now

I hope you can forgive yourself soon, you know she already has.
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yeah don't feel bad! It happens! I've accidentally locked my Charlie Bear in my bathroom (as he just loves to sit and hang out in the bath tub), he's gotten into my closet (which scares me because we had a horrible experience with a shopping bag), and my office (aka the converted second bedroom). They are sneaky lil things and sometimes they sure can slip into the silliest places for sure! I bet your little one ran straight for the litter box or to the water/food bowls when he got out, cocked head to the side and gave you a "thanks a lot jerk" expression! :P
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Don't feel so bad-I keep our windows open in the house and there has been a few times where the bedroom door has blown shut locking a cat or two in our bedroom for several hours. Bakker has been "shut in" my garden shed and the pantry in the basement by accident.
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Atleast your kitty got shut in a place that was nice and dry. Last week it was storming horribly so I had to get the dog in because he is petrified of thunder and lightening. Its not easy carrying a flat basset around so I leave the back door open when this happens so I dont end up chasing him back down the steps. Well in the process of getting Bruno in Dawkins slipped outside. He was outside in the pouring down rain for atleast half n hour till I heard something in the kitchen and thought it was a stray who was scared. Nope it was my own kitty. I felt like such a boob he was soaking wet and shivering. I wrapped him up in a towel dried him off and gave both my boys a can of tuna to eat for dinner. But hes ok and forgave me but atleast he learned his lesson, he doesnt go near the backdoor if its open anymore!
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Don't feel bad!

I did the same thing to Diesel! I locked him in the downstairs bedroom for over 14 hours! And the room was empty so the poor thing didn't even have anything to sleep on! He seemed ok with it though
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I've done this a time or two to Gizmo. There was one time I actually went to bed with him locked in my bedroom closet. I thought he was out in living room but about 5 hours after I fell asleep I woke up this scratching sound. I thought he scratching at my bedroom door but it was open. So I get up, turn the light on and what do i see? His little paw sticking out from underneath my closet door. That was few months ago and I've been really careful since to make sure the door is closed.
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I've done the same thing. When they get an opening to explore behind a normally closed door they take it. They're quick, quiet, and hide when they get in, it happens. Of course once the novelty wears off they want out and then no ones home to let them out.
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I've done it too. Reggae likes to run into the closet or bathroom when the door is open. I always close those doors behind me. I have locked him in both places. My mom kittie-sat for me once and I told her, if you have the slightest thought that you locked a kitty in the bathroom, you probably did. They are sneaky like that. They are getting better at it though.
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It's ok *hugs* everyone's done it. I think Jasmine ended up being in the bathroom cupboard for half an hour or so. Either way, she didn't complain too much! She also used to have a tendency to try and climb in with the potatos when i'd open the kitchen cupboards too
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:::raises hand::: I have a black kitty and he liked to hide in a hallway closet. I locked him in there over night once. The best thing to do is learn from this and have a flashlight around that spot. Every time you go to close the door make sure that you shine the flashlight in, you should be able to get a flash of of their eyes.
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Oh, bless your heart. Don't be so hard on yourself. Like others have said, most of us have done something at some point that has made us feel like bad parents to our babies. Accidents happen. As someone else said, she forgave you, so it's time for you to forgive yourself.
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You should remember that cats tend to like little snug places, so even though it probably wasn't what she had planned for the day, it's not the worst thing that could have happened. She's fine, it was an accident and you'll be extra careful in the future. Don't be so hard on yourself!
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I think it would be hard to find someone who hasn't locked a cat in a room/closet by accident...My EX cleaning lady always locked Sophia in my walk-in closet and I told her so many times don't close that door Sophia sleeps in there...Needless to say we don't have a cleaning lady anymore. I have shut Sev in the pantry and the worst that happened is he crushed a bag of chips He still goes in there so he's not traumatized. I'm sure it hurt you more than it hurt your baby
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All three of mine have spent extended periods, shut into closets and are none the worse for wear. Rowdy once spent a night and the next day in the linen closet. If the little witch had speken up, I'd have heard her and let he rout but, she didn't let out a peep, all night or the next morning, when I was getting ready for work.
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Awww don't worry...they are very resilient

You are not a bad meowmy...Trout always sneaks into my closet. This could happen to any of us.

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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
This could happen to any of us.

Now reading this thread again, it looks like it HAS happened to ALL of us!!
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Aww, I know how you feel... my mom did that to my Pearl once, and knowing Pearl, she must have been completely frantic the whole time. Since then, we've instituted a nose-counting policy... nobody leaves the house until all kitties are present and accounted for.
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
...Since then, we've instituted a nose-counting policy... nobody leaves the house until all kitties are present and accounted for.
I do the "nose count" every night, too. And that's even what we call it!
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Aww, your NOT a bad meowmy!! Heck, the other day my daughter went out to get something out of the car and I went out a few hrs later, and found Lucky-asleep!!! It wasnt scorching hot, but hot enough!! I felt terrible, and NO the windows werent even cracked!!! But she jumped out, just a streching~like nothing!!
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Since then, we've instituted a nose-counting policy... nobody leaves the house until all kitties are present and accounted for.

I now do a "nose count" too after Stan got locked in two different closets and the bathroom. He's such a sweet little dullard that he just stands there and waits for you to come back and open the door.

He's forgotten about all of it (very soon after it happened might I add), but I still feel a little bad about the bathroom one because I put him in there for a time out and forgot about him for two hours.
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