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Originally Posted by Jean44 View Post
Sorry to hear Tiger is having more problems. Poor girl, it's one thing after another. Here are some feel better vibes and more for a successful surgery.

I am alsos ending those vibes.
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Thanks guys, I am still not sure I am doing the right thing by having this exploratory surgery done, as there is still a chance her tummy is something nasty, and I dont want to put her through teh stress of the journey and the pain of an op if ultimately there is something else we can't treat. I have a week to change my mind though.
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Tough desision, at least you have a few days to think about it.
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Unless she improves by Mon, I Am cancelling the surgery, while she hasn't been sick today and there is no sign of diarrhea, she isn't eating as well as she has been doing, she asked me for food earlier despite there still being wet food down (it is sensitivity food though), gave her some dry, and she has eaten some, but not a lot, and this has been every meal time since Thurs - while she had put weight on at the vets, I am still not happy. She has gone from asking for food, eating it all and demanding more, to asking for food, nibbling then asking for more!!
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I'm sorry to hear that Tiger is not eating well. Do you think the change is due to the sensitivity food? The taste is not what she's used to plus it may not be as tasty as her usual food. I know my Kolohe and Eric hate RX food. I hope she is feeling better. More vibes and hugs.
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Jean - I have thought that myself, there are 2 flavours of the RC food, so I have changed flavour again, and it could just be that, I am hoping so. Am really not sure what to do for the best - spoke to two people yesterday, one person saying they feel it is better not to put her through any more at her age, and the other saying that I should do it in case the leg is causing the tummy issue - I personally dont feel it is the leg giving her a dodgy tummy, due to her age it is likely to start getting multiple health issues and the tummy was a while after her leg. The other thing that is making me reluctant is that I could put her through this, and it could show cancer, in which case there is nothing we can do, so I would be effectively getting a diagnosis for nothing. He also wants to explore the ligament as well as doing the biopsy, so she might be in pain afterwards, and I would just hate to put her through pain for nothing. She still has a dodgy tum today, and isn't eating much, I know she would prefer to have normal food, but can't risk it if that is causing her tummy issues - someone did bring a furball up while I was out though, hopefully that will solve something.
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Oh, this has to be so hard for you. I really think you are doing the best thing by not putting her thru the surgery. You are her mama and knw best.

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Tiger remains in my thoughts and prayers. I hope she starts feeling better soon. Wishing you both all the best.
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Well, have started mixing normal food with her sensitivity again, and she is eating well, i am just worried in case we have the same reaction as last week - I suppose while she is only reacting to normal cat food, it is a good sign that her tummy isn't anything serious. Still not sure what to do about the op though.
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Well, I decided to cancel the appointment at lunch, and have spoken to my vet since. There have been very valid points for both ways, but a chat with my neighbour last night made me think a lot - she advised against it due to the fact there isnt' just one thing going on, and she felt there was too much to tackle one thing, and after thinking about it for quite a while, I realised she had a point, there are way too many 'ifs' for me to be comfortable with doing anything the leg - even if it is the best case scenario with her leg, the arthritis in both her hips could cause her problems, and I might not buy her any time. We are going to keep her on sensitivity food for a while, both vets suggested dry food only (her bloods showed no issues), tried that tonight, she nibbled and then walked away and found Lucy's wet food!! So, that then leaves the thyroid, my vet might have used the wrong wording but said that shows a serious issue outside the thyroid, and we dont know what it is.
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Not having a good day unfortunately, she has had some Almo Nature which is pretty much pure chicken, and brought it up, then I got her the chicken and rice special food rather than the duck and rice and she has brought that up as well. Will have to keep an eye on her, and fingers crossed it isn't anythign too serious.
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Sorry to hear that tiger is having a bad day. I hope she feels better later and is able to keep her food down. Feel better vibes to Tiger.

So, the vet says the thyroid problem indicates another serious issue. Have none of the blood tests indicated anything that would give the vet a clue? I may hve missed this somewhere but is she being treated for the thyroid problem?

Hugs to both of you. I know this situation is difficult for you.
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Just to send some
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Thanks guys - gave her dry food for her supper, and she kept that down, then I realised she hadn't brought up any dry food at all yesterday, there was dark bits, but I suspect that is Lucys wet food, so she is now being fed upstairs so Tiger can't get at it!! She had a small amount of wet today with mainly dry, she wolfed the wet and has only picked at the dry!! Have given her some Antepsin that the vet gave me for her tummy, she didn't like it, but hopefully it will work.
Jean - no, they know from the thyroid being suppressed that something is going on outside the kidneys, but the rest of the bloods were fine, there was a couple that were ever so slightly different, but not enough to indicate anything, the ultrasound was also clear, so it could be related to the leg (she is limping quite badly today). Vet said there was no need for treating the thyroid, so she is currently on no meds at all, apart from what I have given her this morning for her tummy.
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Poor Tiger and poor you!

Many, many, from us to you both. I hope things can be figured out soon!
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She hasn't been sick since fortunately, she is just back on demanding food constantly, am going to take her with Lucy to be weighed on teh 23rd, if she has put on weight, I wont bother too much, but if she continues to lose weight while demanding food, I dont know what we will do next. I have bought her chicken and white fish to help vary her diet, as well as supermarket own brand food in case it was the high meat content food she couldnt tolerate.
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sending hugs!
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WAs really pleased with her last night, she was back into demanding food big style, but keeping everything down and playing lots - I did say to my friend that I hoped her sudden change of character was a good thing. Have had to come home for lunch though, as she has been sick 3 times so far today, so am not going to give her any dinner, and either chicken or white fish for tea. Have got a provisional appointment for tonight for her, but she isn't dehydrated and I have anti-sickness meds in, so not sure whether to put her through the stress of the journey, and the fact we would be at the other branch, so a vet she has never seen before. Am waiting for my normal vet to finish operating so I can have a chat with her and decide what to do next. Have been trying to work out why she has been sick, I have introduced normal cat food to her sensitivity again, she had Morrisons own on Sun and was fine, Asda own yesterday and was fine, Whiskas today and has been sick. So, if it is the best case scenario and just a food intolerance, she can cope with some wet foods but not others. She doesn't bring dry up at all, but convincing her to eat a dry only diet is tricky. her limp has been a bit more pronounced, but it is normally after she has been sat/laid down for a while. So, please keep your fingers crossed this is just a temporary blip and not the start of something more serious.
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I am praying for this angel! Take care!
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Thanks - she has kept everything down since, but has only been given white fish and dry food - why can't she just eat purely dry, as she never brings it up??? But give it to her and she fusses for more, including going to try and find Lucy's leftovers (and my attempt to get Lucy to eat upstairs failed miserably!!)
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She has been fussy again tonight, I am getting to the stage where I am going to have to decide whether to keep her on bland food so she is well, but put up with her seeming hungry yet not liking what you put down, or give her what I know she will wolf down, but potentially could make her sick - in which case she will still be asking for food as she will have an empty belly. She isn't that keen on fish or chicken, but they have both been microwaved, which is'nt normal. Not noticed much improvement on the Antepsin either. Going to get the small bags of JWB at weekend, so she can have a choice of flavours.
Another odd thing today was she decided not to stop at scratching the spare mattress, but to climb it as well (never tried it in all her time here) - sadly, she didn't get down as well, and has been limping ever since, it was a hell of a thud, not sure how much she jumped rather than slid. Here is a pic of the cheeky madam on the mattress!!

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Things are looking better, I have found a food routine that seems to be helping, she hasn't been sick for over a week, is demanding food lots, playing and she had even put 100g on when weighed on Thurs. So, just the limp to deal with now.
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Glad to here she is feeling better.
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Originally Posted by booktigger View Post
Things are looking better, I have found a food routine that seems to be helping, she hasn't been sick for over a week, is demanding food lots, playing and she had even put 100g on when weighed on Thurs. So, just the limp to deal with now.
I am glad to hear this. Hug the darling kitty for me!
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It's so good to hear that Tiger is feeling and eating better. She must feel better if she's climbing on the mattress. More positive vibes and hugs for both of you.
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Thanks guys, she is still doing well on supermarket own brand food and good quality dry, so I am happy. Now her tummy is under control, I am debating whether it is worth putting her through the exploratory surgery on her leg. The only thing putting me off is if it does show cancer, as we can't do anything about it, so is getting that diagnosis really important?
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As long as Tiger is eating well and not in a lot of pain from her leg I think I'd agree with you about delaying the surgery. Her situation seems to be improving overall and there's no sense in risking a set back.

Hugs and good thoughts to both of you.
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Seems like I spoke too soon, we have had a bad morning - she was acting weird this morning, really desperate for food to the stage she was getting aggressive. Then decided not to eat everything I gave her, and has been sick, plus there is some dodgy poo in the tray. I had increased the amount of wet food she had, so will try knocking that down again and hope it helps. The problem with her leg is I dont know if she is in pain, I can only go off her moods, but she is a temperamental cat anyway.
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Just to send some and
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Well, she has been doing better since, she has acted like she had a furball today, so has had some Katalax, and have introduce some Bozita in with her 'cheap supermarket food'. Her limp seems to be slighly worse, but apart from being more aggressive, it isn't bothering her, she is demanding food a lot again.
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