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Still keeping Tiger in my thoughts and prayers. I hope she has many more healthy years ahead with you.
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Weird thought, but could she have food allergies?
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Dont know NAtalie, but I hadnt changed her food - might have mixed brands, but the two main brands I use she has had for a few months now, and has been on the same dry pretty much since last August, they have just had the odd small bag of something else mixed in it.
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It is possible to develop food allergies over time, so you wouldn't even have had to change foods, she could've developed allergies to the same old food over time. (I didn't know that before)

Just the loose stools, digestive issues....reminds me of when Damita first had food allergies.
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I will hope that is all it is then - vet initially said it could be connected to her (unexplained) limp though.
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Well, not a lot of answers from the vet visit - she can't feel any lumps or bumps, which is always a bonus,but her intestines are very inflamed. Only reason the vet can think of for this is stress, which I am not convinced about, the foster cat situation hasn't changed since the beginning of May, and while she seems bothered at the moment, I can't work out whether it is indeed the fosters, or the fact she has this limp, as I have painful joints and know that I get tetchy when the pain is bad (and the weather round here has made mine act up for over a week now), when examining her, the leg is more of an issue than her tummy, as my thumb found out!! Vet didn't seem too bothered about repeating the bloods, but did say that if I wanted x-rays doing, I was best off taking her to the specialist and getting the leg looked at at the same time, as she does need sedation, and it would be better to have it done in one go. At the moment, she has given her a 2 day steroid jab, sensitivity wet, and hypoallergenic dry - although doesnt think it is food allergies at her age, and I have to speak to her again on Wed to let her know how she has been. She asked about her being sick, and said sickness wasn't an issue, it was diarrhea - so Tiger came home, had half her tea, went out, ate grass, came in and brought it all back up, so now there is sickness involved as well!!

I really dont know what to do with her, was debating asking my friend to take a day off work and we will go and find the specialist in Leeds, but am still hesitant to do this, even though it is seeming like the only way to get answers - if stress is part of the problem, taking her on that kind of journey would make her worse. But the other option is to leave her with inflamed bowels as well as an unexplained limp!! Why can't I have normal cats with normal health issues!!
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Hope things get better soon
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Prayers for the darling are sent!
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Thanks guys, will be talking to the vet tomorrow, and will see about seeing the specialist, she hasn't been sick today, but hasn't had a poo either. She also said that in 'normal' cats, there is meds available, but Tiger's temperament rules them out, which is what I always end up facing!!
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I hope the specialist can help in finding out what is wrong with Tiger. As you said, it will cause stress for Tiger but it's important to find out what is causing her limp and intestinal problems. Do you think she could have vomited after being outside because of the grass she ate? Or there may have been something else with the grass that made her sick.

Positive thoughts and hugs to you and Tiger.
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Has your vet mentioned transdermal medications? Since you mentioned that Tiger's temperment inteferes with medications, perhaps some medications could be compounded into a transdermal form so they are easier to apply?
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Sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for you and for Tiger, please let us know what the vet says.

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Thanks Jean - she probably was sick cos of the grass, but it is why she felt the need to go and eat grass and come in to be sick - she does have outdoor access, so she could be being sick more than I actually know about. Vet didn't ring me back today, so have to wait to see about the specialist, my friend is willing to come with me, and my boss has been sympathetic too.
CloudShade - not sure if transdermals are available in the UK, have never heard of them - but she doesn't like being handled, so if they need to be rubbed on her ear, I have even less chance than tablets.
Thanks LSU
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Dear Little Tiger,

I love you and hope that the specialist finds the cause for your problems. I am praying for you and for your family. You are an angelic kitty, and I want you to be happy and healthy.


Meowmy Bobbie
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Aww, thanks for the lovely message - but Tiger and angelic really dont go in the same sentence!! She is sleeping on the bed I put down in my bedroom for her at the moment (after eating supper and demanding more!!), so I have both my girls in the same room, which is a bonus!! Fingers crossed I get to speak to the vet tomorrow, and find out how to go about this specialist - had already ruled it out once, but i can't ignore two health issues.
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Well, have spoken to the vet, she has registered me at the specialists, and I have to ring up tomorrow to sort out the appointment - as it is a specialists, they have late appointments, so the vet has suggested getting a late evening one, taking her over for say 7/8pm, having the check up and chat, and then leaving her there overnight, having the tests done during the day, then picking her up after work. Other option was an 8am appointment, but would have to set off around 6.45 am for that!! She has said for consult, x-rays and an ultrasound of her tummy, I am looking at about £600, so thank god for pet insurance, I couldnt' have afforded it otherwise. Have spoken to the insurance company, and as it is a continuation of the previous leg claim, there should be no issues with it being paid, and I am also covered for the prescription food she has been on. Got a breakdown of costs to work out if I can claim back for her tummy issues yet, and she has already cost me £98 since the beginning of April!! That excludes the bloods, booster, chip, and x-rays, (over £200) so she is proving to be my expensive cat, I always have to have one of them!!
So, fingers crossed the specialist can get me in the next couple of weeks, have a lot on, but want to get to the bottom of this now she has tummy troubles as well as her leg. The vet has warned me though that they might find something, and it might still prove tricky due to treat due to how hard she is to medicate!!
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These cats are our hearts, and we do the best we can for them. I am praying for darling Tiger. Please keep updating, and kiss the sweet baby for me.
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It's good to hear that you'll be able to take Tiger to the specialist and that the insurance will cover the costs. I hope the specialist is able to find a solution to her problems.

More positive thoughts and hugs to all.
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Thanks guys, will keep you posted.
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She is going to see the specialist for a consult on Tues evening, and will be having the tests done on Wed, fingers crossed for some positive news.
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Just to wish you and Tiger good luck tomorrow
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They have cancelled the appointment, and we have to rearrange for next week, am ringing up today (left a message on my answerphone) to re-book. Not particularly happy, esp as her poo was very nasty last night, but I am restricted to getting over there.
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It's discouraging that the specialist canceled. I hope you can schedule a new appointment soon. Continued good thoughts to you and Tiger.
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I'm so glad the insurance will pay.
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She is going next Monday now - the problem is that the specialist doesn't work that late on a Tues, so the appointment should never have been made in teh first place!! Grr!! Got her some duck and rice food last night and she tucked in, so that is a bonus. She is still demandign food all the time too, which is promising.
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I'm sorry they have messed you about like that, your stress levels must be going through the roof
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Yeah, they are!!
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WEll, I had a day trip and overnight stay on Fri, didn't get back till 11ish last night, and Tiger was being really fussy, she is allowing me to stroke her more than normal and even slept next to me on the bed for part of last night, I was too scared to move admittedly, but am hoping her being extra nice is a good thing. Not looking forward to tomorrow night though.
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Well, he thinks her tummy might be IBD, he is doing bloods, and then possibly an ultrasound, or an endoscopy to take biopsies - doesn't sound pleasant anyway!! Her leg is still a puzzle, it is her knee and hip that is bothering her more, so they are going to do loads of tests on that, he is on about taking samples and things. We might have some answers today, but probably wont, esp not on the tummy side as the biopsies need to be sent away. She might also need to go back in a weeks time, which isn't good. On a plus side though, they allow you to sign a disclaimer which gives them the authority to deal with your insurance company on your behalf, so all I have to pay is the excess, they will get everything else back.
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hope these tests come back with a conclusive answer! lots of vibes for Tiger
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