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how is she today?
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Mixed day, she ate well this morning, but has been iffy since I got home, she has only picked at her food, and has had a runny eye. No Katalax tonight, as she has been 'hiding' in teh kitchen. We have an app on Fri to see if the vet can give her a jab, and I can assess her more then.
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Have had to have her to the vets tonight, vet now suspects a viral infection and slight dehydration on top of everything else, so she has had a steroid and a/b jab, and see how she goes, but she isn't a happy girl at the moment - been better since the vet visit, she had a few mins of play and eaten a bit more, but realistically, it is the only good time she has had this week, so if there is no major improvement by Fri, that app will be her last.
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Thanks Anne. I dont think I am being fair on her buying her time now, as that is all I am doing, I have just popped down to sort something out, she miaowed at me and wandered into the kitchen after me for food, but still had some tea down, and didn't tuck into it, and I can't see her continue to be miserable. At least I know now I have given her every chance, and as the vet says, it seems like she doesn't want us to medicate her, and without her co-operation, it isn't fair to leave her unhappy and in pain, I love her too much for that, and however hard it is, I have to do what is best for her, not for me.
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I hope Tiger perks up today I'm thinking of you both
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Thanks - no sign of improvement though, it took me 20 mins to convince her to come in the kitchen to look at her tea last night, and then seh walked away from it!! So had to find her something else, she did eventually eat that, and nibbled on some biscuits. not quite as fussy this morning, but she is more keen on going out than eating. I dont want this vet visit tonight, but can't see how I am being fair to her by putting it off.
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Just to say I am thinking of you
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Thanks - I let her go tonight. The vet said I could have brought her home for the weekend, but I would have only been delaying the inevitable, and she wasn't very happy, I have only heard her purr once this week, and that was when she was given a treat, so I would have been doing it for me, not her, and that isnt fair. The vet gave me some comforting words, even though she did try again to convince me to have a kitten next time!! Told her Molly wouldn't want one of those. She went peacefully, although she did fight the sedation. I am going to put a post in the RB section for her. RIP little one, stubborn to the end.
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