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How to tell if a cat is pregnant(2nd pregnancy)?

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Ok, my friend has a female cat and she knows I'm the "crazy cat lady" so she asked if I could tell whether or not her cat is pregnant. My friend has a male cat(she got her kitty the same time I got Binx that is about 4 months old and a female that is 3 years old. I told her she needs to get them both fixed, but she still hasn't.

Anyways, she said her male kitten tried to mate with her female cat about 2 weeks ago(I assume the female was in heat) and now she wants to know if the female is pregnant. The problem is, her cat has already had kittens once before, so big nipples is not a very good symptom. However, the nipples do seem a little bit pink. Not the surrounding area around the nipples, just the nipples themselves.

I think it's too early to really tell much, but do you think that she could be pregnant since the male cat is only 4 months old? I mean, he's not even as big as the female, how would he, you know...?

Ugh, I hate when people never take advice. I learned the hard way and tried to save her this trouble, but I guess people have to go through things themself(twice!) before they actually learn!
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it is a bit early to tell if she is pregnant or not. but yes he can mate with her at only 4 months old. the female kinda belly on floor with bum in the air so it would be easy for the male.
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Dangit! I was kinda hoping that he was too young to mate her. By golly, if that girl doesn't get her male cat fixed soon I'm gonna have a hissy fit! I am taking my Binx to get fixed on Sunday, maybe I can convince her to let me take him along too...

I'll just keep my fingers crossed that he isn't "Fertile" yet and she isn't preggers.
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thats the thing he might not be able to fertlise an egg yet, but it might take her out of heat. have you tried asking her to keep them seprate?
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Yeah, but she said she feels guilty cause they are "friends". Grrrr.... I'll bet she'll be the one feeling guilty when her cat goes into labor!

Why don't people understand! It makes me so mad sometimes. >
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with some people ,they honestly dont see what their doing is unhealthy for there cat , and they dont always understand of how bad the problem with to many kittens being born.
it dosnt make them a bad person, just a bit igront SP??
but good for you for caring so much, one day she will see you were meaning well.
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Well, I guess I am being a bit harsh. After all, I had 2 cats get pregnant under my care.

I just sure hope that the poor kitty isn't pregnant.
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I'm hoping for you that she ISN"T pregnant tho it IS possible. The female could go into false pregnancy tho so I'd be weary of that.

To all intents and purposes, it isn't too late to send her for an immediate spay and that's what I'd do IMO.
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The problem is, she isn't my cat. Othewise she would have been spayed already. I already dropped of my male to get neutered this morning. I tried to convine my friend to let me at least take her male kitty too, but she wouldn't let me. Call me crazy, but I think she actually WANTS the female to get pregnant?!?!?! I could be wrong, but with her constantly refusing to let me get her kitties fixed, that's what it's making me think.
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You should just tell her no, the male is too young to get her pregnant and offer to take the female to get done and do it. If you have an extra $20 or something, offer to help a tiny bit maybe as incentive for her. That poor kitty doesn't need to have another litter and the world doesn't need more kittens in it.
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