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Looking for Burmese Kitten

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My 12 year old burmese mix cat, Janet, recently passed away due to lymphoma. My fiance and I don't have any kids, and the house basically revolved around Janet. She was the best smart and friendly (to us!!). She even had a myspace page, with over 250 friends!
I want another cat that will sleep on my pillow and follow me everywhere in the house, so I want another Burmese! I don't need a show quality cat, pet quality is just fine. I would like a young kitten, sable in color, female only (she'll be fixed for sure and always indoors).
I am in southern California and am having a hard time finding a breeder nearby. Any help will be appreciated!!!!
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I'm not really familiar with CA geography, but here's a link to a Burmese club breeder directory:
Here's a breeder from Southern California (at least yahoo search showed that, the site says Newport Beach and Upland):

I have a sable Burmese... I love her to death! Her name is Godiva. They really are unique little cats, aren't they? Good luck in your search!
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Just curious - why you want a female vs a male? IMO when a pet dies, sometimes its not a good idea to get the "exact" same as you had before. If your other female was sable, then why not adopt a sable male?

The reason behind it is that you will subconsciencely think this new kitten will be the exact same as the old one. If you change one thing about it (color or sex) you won't expect it to act the same. What happens if the new little kitten is not as cuddly or doesn't want to sleep with you. Each kitten is unique in personality.

I wish you luck in finding the right one for your home
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Also what about getting two kittens? I know that when it's time for me to get another cat, which hopefully wont be in another 20+ years. I'll probably get two male kittens as opposed to the single female cat I have now.

Watching two cats interact is a lot of fun and since two males vs. one female is quite different I think that's a clear way to show everyone, including yourself that you're not out to replace the cat you lost.

Anyway good luck at finding the right bundle of fur for your life
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Good idea - didn't think of the 2 kittens possibility I was told that a long time ago about how to not "replace" a cat. That's why I could never adopt another blue mctabby/white male cat - cause I still would expect him to be Mitten to this day And would not get a blue-eye white rex for the same reason - would expect him to be Spooky.

Now with the chocolate Oci's - that's a bit different cause you could get a different shade of chocolate, or chocolate-silver, or tawny. You have a bit more variety.

And Bengals - if you have a marble, you could get a spotted...just something that would be a little different then your special cat
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I strongly recommend in visiting cat shows and talking with Burmese breeders. It is the best way to find a reputable breeder. And be prepared for your new cat to have a different personality even within the same breed. Here is one of my favorite links for breeders
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Thanks for the replies. I know it might seem like I'm trying to replace Janet with the same cat, but that's not really the case. I just prefer a female cat (too much trouble with spraying issues with male cats) and I love the unique brown color and the temperment of the Burmese. Janet was a kick back, follow you around type of cat and she was only half Burmese! I also wouldn't consider getting two kittens. I want my cat to bond with me not another cat. Selfish, but true! I work for a pet food distributor and we have reps that go to lots of cat shows, so maybe I can tag along soon and check out all the other breeds you guys have mentioned. Thanks for the links...I am also checking out the local shelters for a kitten. I found one I liked, but they told me she was feral and wouldn't be available for adoption just yet...I looked today and she wasn't listed. I really wonder what they did with her??
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A neutered male who hasn't bred, will not spray unless there is something medically wrong. I prefer males over females - they are more accepting of everything and more friendly. Females tend to be more standoffish.

If your cat will be alone a good portion of the day with no company its best to adopt 2 kittens to keep each other company. If you really want a single cat, then look into a retired show/breeding female because they can handle being alone better then a kitten.

And keep in mind you won't get a kitten younger then 3-4 months old from a good breeder. Kittens need to stay with mom/siblings to learn very important social/behavioral skills till a minimum of 10-12 weeks old.
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Ok, you seem to know what you want which is always a good thing when it comes to pets.

I would give serious thought into getting two kittens though. Having two doesn't mean they'll just bond to each other and not with you and watching two cats interact is so much fun and interesting. I'm probably projecting a bit though because I have a single female cat that doesn't like other cats so I'm keeping her as an only cat but hearing stories of multicat households and watching video clips and pictures and having visited friends with two cats always makes me regret not having gotten two kittens at the very beginning back when I had much higher odds of having Nikita actually get along with another kitty.
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I am certainly not trying to tell you what you should get but don't let spraying deter you from getting a male. One of my cats is male and I got him neutered while he was a kitten before he started spraying. He is four years old and so far I have not had a problem with him spraying.
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Thanks again, guys. I have had animals my entire life and I'm 36 now. I've had multiple dogs, cats, horses, birds, fish, chickens, guinea pigs, name it and I've probably had it! I've also managed a pet store for 8 years and currently work at a pet food distributor for the last 3, so I'm pretty experienced in my own humble opinion.
I'm not sure why everyone is suggesting for me to get a male cat. I have always preferred female animals. I just do. I don't think female cats are standoffish one bit, Janet was under my feet and followed me from room to room, to the shower, and on my bed at night. Yeah, she was moody, but hey so am I. Maybe that's what I like? I also had Janet for the last 12 years as an only cat. She didn't seem to mind one bit! My fiance owns his own business and is on call, so he's home quite a bit throughout the day and I only work until 3pm, so I don't think there's too much of an issue with a single kitten being lonely. We're homebodies, so we're here every night, too. I was never one to agree with the idea of getting two of something just to keep them busy with each other. I think as long as you spend time with your animals they end up loving YOU more so than another animal, who might just pester them to no end, compete for food or whatever. I don't think cats are too much of a "pack animal" type anyway. Getting two is more for our own entertainment than theirs. Maybe in the kitten stage it would help, but as they grow older I don't think they'd care one bit if another cat is around or not.
I appreciate the help and suggestions, but it does still seem strange the suggestions I'm getting. If this were my female German Shepherd who passed, I don't think I'd get the same responses. Most people stick with the same dog breed/sex/color (at least in my family, we've had 3 Black/Tan German Shepherd Females over the years, one after the other and no one suggested otherwise). And they've always had been a single dog....Trust me, I am still checking the shelter daily online and will always consider something other than what I'm thinking I want right now. There are so many cute kittens there that need homes. And older cats, too. I'll keep my eyes open, and I'm not going to rush into anything just yet. Here is a picture of Janet...hopefully this works...
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She was gorgeous! lovely looking cat.

As for everyone telling you to get a male, that's not really the case the way I read through the thread, more just saying that if you found a cat that suited that happened to be male, him being male wouldn't necessarely mean you'd have to bypass him. Especially if the only reason you were worried about getting a male would be the potential for spraying.

It's great that you're keeping your eyes open and I'm certain that the right bundle of fur will pop up soon, either from a breeder or at a shelter, young or old, there's a cat out there ment for you! Just a matter of finding her (or him if it's a male, although the way you put it now it seems like it's not just the fear of spraying that makes you want a female, and that's fine)
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Aw! She's cute... obviously has some Burmese in her!

Here's my Godiva...

She's from a contemporary breeder, so she looks like a little pug dog.
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Wow, we haven't seen so many godiva pics recently and she's grown up beautiful.

To the OP, there aren't that many burmese breeders around anyways so good luck. As a breed, you can't go wrong with Burms and E Burms .... just like Abys!
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Janet was beautiful

Originally Posted by EMOCJA1 View Post
I'm not sure why everyone is suggesting for me to get a male cat.
Because you implied that the reason you wanted a female was because male cats spray. Just to re-iterate that neutered male cats don't spray unless they feel very threatened and feel the need to mark their territory - something that females can also do. But if you prefer female cats that's fair enough.

As to the 2 cats thing - although cats aren't pack animals, they can be social animals. If kept indoors an only cat has no opportunity to interact with another individual of the same species and do things like grooming. But again, I think it's ok to have one if you are at home a lot and that's what you want.

Good luck with your search for a burmese I look forward to seeing pics of the newbie when you get her.
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Just posted this in another post - but here's one of my favourite E Burm Breeder:
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You are in CA, right? Well maybe I have good news for you (certainly if you're in southern California).

We visited a wonderful breeder of Burmese in Upland this evening. She has several females available from two litters, one of which is ready to go. They are Champagne and, I believe, Platinum in color. This breeder is astonishingly well-organised and I would not hestitate to buy a cat from her. Here is her web site:
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