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More Pictures

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Here's a link to some pictures I took of Ginger yesterday. In one of them Taz is keeping her clean. In the photo it almost looks like she's mad, but she was enjoying it.


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Aww sweet pictures
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Oh my! If she doesn't have those kittens soon she's going to pop! lol! Good luck and I hope she has the buggers soon!
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Poor baby, she looks like she'll pop any second!
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WOW Shes HUGE! I wonder how many babies she has in there!
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I'm guessing eight. ^_^ Any other guessers? Heehee
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Originally Posted by Fiery View Post
I'm guessing eight. ^_^ Any other guessers? Heehee
Lady was that big and my guess for her was seven. But she ended up having only five, so you never know! I'll guess six for Ginger.
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I guess 7 kittens!
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