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Interesting Phone Conversation

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Anybody else have a cat that seems to enjoy talking on the phone?

Riiiing! Riiiiing!

Me: Hello?

Caller: Yes, this is Dean Wallace.

Me: Oh, hi! *Zoe! Please quit ripping up my journal!*

Caller: Um, I'm sorry?

Me: Oh, nevermind... *OWIE! I am not your scratching post, you nut head, yowch!* You lookin for my dad?

Caller: Oh, uh, yeah, is he handy?

Me: *Oh, crap, noooo! Not the double-layer-carrot cake, I just frosted that!* No, he's not Dean, I'm sorry. Can I have him call you back?

Caller: If he could... are you, um, are you okay?

Me: Oh, yeah, I'm great. *No no no no no no no, don't you DARE rip a hole in that window screen! Can I uh, get your number?

Caller: Sure... um... it's 398-9970. I just need to talk to him bout those cattle he brought in to the sale barn on Saturday...

Me: Oh, right... *You scratch that leather furniture, and I swear, I didn't know cats could get sugar high!*

Caller: Whaaaat? Is everything okay over there?

Me Look, I gotta go! *Zoe! Quit climbing the curtains your gonna....* CRASH! Bye!

Caller: Wow... okay then... bye...

Oh dear...
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Oh yeah- luckily those are the conversations I have when I'm talking to my family (mom, grandma, aunt) and they just laugh at me
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Sophie is part of my phone conversations in an unconventional way...

She LOVES meowing whenever I'm on the phone. I don't know what it is about the phone-the ringing, the weird voice coming out of it, etc.-but she is very vocal whenever I'm on it.
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