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I have a kitten that I think is about 3 weeks old. We found him inside my husbands spare tire that is stored under his truck. We have no idea where the mom is,so for the last week I have been feeding him kitten formula with a bottle.What I need to know is What is normal?? He is walking around and sleeps alot.He still isn't interested in solid food, and I know how to stimulate him to go potty. He eats about 4 times a day but never overnight. (He never yells for food at night.) He seems healthy, but am I doing enough for him??
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Sounds like he is doing well. Which means your doing a good job! Wen I have bottle babies I feed them whenever they scream for food. You can start introdusing canned or wet kitten food when he is about 4 weeks old. He might start to nibble then (thats when mine started). It gets much easier once they start eating kitten food! Also start putting a litterbox in with him when hes 4-5 weeks old.
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Thanks Fostermomm! That made me feel alot better! See my problem is work schedules! we are gone usually 10-12 hours a day!! So now that I know he should be ok I feel better. He is really alert when he is awake.
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I agree, sounds like you are doing a great job.
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You're an angel for taking care of him!!! Sounds like he's doing well...I'd feed him as often as he protests. To transition him to solids, you can mix a bit of canned kitten food in a shallow dish of formula (perhaps start with a couple of teaspoons), and gradually reduce the formula and increase the canned food, over about the course of a week or so. Begin to leave a shallow litter pan out for him (a foil lasagna pan works well) with a litter safe for kittens for him to begin to investigate at that time as well.

Good for you...you're doing a great job!
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Originally Posted by mickey14 View Post
He is really alert when he is awake.
Ok Here is an update on mickey!! He is doing unbelievably well!!! He walks, runs and plays with our 10 month old male cat. It is too cute. Actually Kitten ( what we call the 10 month old)acts like a surragate mother!!He bathes mickey, cleans his rump, and just generally teaches him cat things!! Mickey even is learning to wash himself!! The main things now are eating solids( he is not interested) and the litterbox but I guess that will come in time.last night we had a scare... my future son-in -law sat on him!!! From what I have read I am guess he was about only 2 weeks old when we found him so he is going on 4 weeks now. He also poops and pees by himself now. I just cleaned up a poo!!
But he is alot of fun now ,he sleeps through the night, about 10 hours actually!!But he is sure hungry when he wakes up!! I usually feed him 4-5 times during the day, thats pretty much all he will take.He has teeth now too! So anyway thanks for all the advice! I really appreciate it. I will try to help others here as much as i can in the times to come, you are all great!!
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That is great that he's doing so well and that Kitten is helping him learn the cat ropes. A lot of orphaned kittens have socialization issues because mom isn't there to teach them. He's got a great big brother in Kitten!!!
Pippin took to Smeagol just like that. He played with him and cleaned him and snuggled with him. It was so cute! Are you going to keep him?

Kitten will help teach him to use the litter box and eat solids. You can probably start offering him some canned food mixed with warmed KMR and a small litter box with non-clumping litter. I used an old cake pan. I started by stimulating him over the pan and then letting him play in it a bit.

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