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Looking for a new siggy!

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I have plenty of photos to choose from and the background I want... Anyone up for the challenge? I have pics if interested. It would be pretty simple.
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Sure I will do one for you- I just need to know the basic size I can use: If you post your urls for photo's etc. I will check back over the weekend also if you want text on it let me know that Rita
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I just want the names Nollee and Tiger in the text. Preferably in a fancy cursive. As for the size that is up to you, I have never made a siggy so I am unaware of the standard size.
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Ok I do know if you want to use it here it has to be a certain size or if you want it for your emails that can be a 300x300 or so Rita
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If I paste the URL's can you copy them to your photobucket (if you have one)? That way you can deduct the photos to the size that you need. I am not aware of the size on here so you may have to ask someone in the sig form. My url's are in the siggy request form... All pasted (the other thread you replied to).
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Ok thanks.
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Where at in the siggy request forum? *LOL* there is lots in there I couldn't find your name on the first page -Rita
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When I clicked on that I cannot find a post from trixie23 sorry the last 2 poster are not you- so if you would like to send me your links you can PM them to me.
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You are not allowed to give out your email address on the forums
is the link to the request
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What are you talking about??? Neither of us gave out our email addresses on the forums. We simply discussed pm's, and photobucket????????????
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Also when I click on the link I posted for you, it still shows me as the bottom 2 of the page? Not sure what the problem is? Are you signed in when you are clicking on my link?
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Ritaneon had posted her email but a mod removed it
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Oh... I thought I was in trouble. LOL sorry, never saw that. I wouldn't do that just so you know
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