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Eye Spots... melanoma?

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I made a post back when this thing first started in March, I noticed some weird spots on Ziggy's eye, the spots just appeared suddenly overnight. so I took him to the vet who did every test imagineable on him, and she said since his tests results showed that he was a very healthy cat, and since he is so young (he's only two) that it shouldn't be anything to worry about.

however, its been since March and the amount of spots in his eye has pretty much doubled, this thing is just growing or something. he is due for his annual exam in a couple weeks anyway so I'm probably going to bring him for the annual a bit early to get these spots checked out again.

has anyone ever seen anything like this? any words of advice or comfort or support would be very much appreciated.

here is what it looked like in March:

and this is what it looks like now:
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I really think that at this point you should make an appointment with a veterinary ophtalmologist and have him or her look at those spots.

Here is a list of ophtalmologists, you'll find several in Florida:


A good article on this:

I hope the spots you're seeing are not raised and what Ziggy has is truly only a benign condition. I strongly believe that you should see a specialist sooner rather than later for peace of mind.
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When you change the appointment, make sure you mention your concern about the possibility of melanoma. I don't think it's all that common and the vet may not even be thinking along those lines. give the vet a chance to do some research.
Is it just the left eye?
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thank you for the help, yes it is only the left eye and I did tell the vet I was concerned about melanoma the first time I brought him and she said it was so unlikely since his test results all came back healthy and he is so young.

and I will take him to an eye-vet asap.
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