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Please Need Advice!!!

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My cat Marbles has been excessively grooming himself. I think it's after we cleaned our carpet but I am not sure. I am assuming that's when he started that because that's the only change we had since I have had him. Yesterday my husband took Marbles to the clinic and the vet gave him steroid shot in the muscle that supposed to come him down. When he got home he was fine. I fed him at 7:00pm and went to bed at 12:00am and at that time Marbles was fine acting normal as he usually would. This morning I walk up and usually he is by my bed waiting for his breakfast with the other two cats but he was not there. I didn't think anything started to call everyone for breakfast and the two showed up but him. I frantically started to look for him almost had a heart attack than found him under the bed. I kept calling him but he would not come out. I pulled him from under the bed and he meowed so I put him next to his dish and he looked at the food like he was interested but didn't eat it. He went back under the bed. I pulled him out again and he meowed again. I put him on my bed he must have been there for a little bit then went back under the bed. I already called the clinic the vet thinks it could be that he is sore and upset but I am very worried about him. Marbles has never been hiding under the bed he always came out even the time when he didn't want to eat one day but at least he came out to see what was there. I tried to give him treats but he didn't care for them either. I am taking him to another vet this afternoon but thought I would ask for opinions and advice on this. What makes me upset is that I brought in perfectly healthy cat with minor problem and the next day he acts sick. I am switching the clinic for all my cats at this point but I am very concerned for my little Marbles.
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I can't really help but something myst have syrely upset him. If everything is fine health wise think what it could be that upsets him in the house and restore it to its previous condition if possible.
Hope everything turns out well. Good luck
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Perhaps he's having a delayed reaction to the shot.

Or one of the other cats attacked him because he smelled differently after his vet visit. You might want to try the vanilla trick: Dab all your cats under the chin with a little bit of vanilla after one of them has been at the vet's, so that they all smell alike and there's no "evil vet odor".
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My cat has to go to the vet sevreal times a year as she has asthma, and she gets steroid shots. Sometimes she is perfectly fine and others she acts like your cat is. Also the other cats get upset because she smells like "The VET". He should be ok in a few days. Good luck!
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Thank you everyone for your responses. My husband works from home today so I already bothered him few times today. He said that Marbles came out from under the bed was lying down near the bed. He tried to give him treats he eat a few but was not that interested. Also he found his brother next to him (Gismo and Marbles love each other and are together for the most part). Just about 20 minutes ago I asked my husband to offer Marbles wet food and he ate it all right away. So maybe "mickey14" is right about him acting up because of the shot. I am going to change my appointment for later in the day and see if he still acts ok and is interested in water. I am almost positive that it has to be because of the shot because he was just fine before and the day he went to the vet. I am still changing vet clinic for my cats. I really believe this clinic does well with dogs but not cats. I have nothing but problems and I cannot help it to think that maybe I lost Twinkie because of them. The entire problem with Twinkie started a month after she got fixed. Also when boys were fixed Marbles had urinary tract infection after he got fixed. Also they are the once that made it mandatory to de-claw my boys. So I think it's time I find a better clinic. My friend has a vet she uses not too far from my house she said they are good over there and she also has 3 cats so I trust her she is very picky when it comes to her animals. Ah I just don't understand why those street cats do so much better than home cats? I do everything by the book I keep them on the best food I can find, take them regularly to see the vet and give them everything cats would really want. Why do I get so lucky with so many problems? I guess since I lost Twinkie to FIP I have been freaking out about little things and watching every move my other 3 cats make. I think that's enough to make my head spin.
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