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Valerian tea?

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Anyone make valerian tea for cats? It's safe, right?

I emailed the Celebration Herbals tea people about their organic catnip tea (ingredients: 100% organic catnip leaves + blossoms ), and they said it's safe to open the tea bag up & give cats the catnip, since it's just catnip. (They said, their catnip tea workers get pounced by cats when they get home! )

They also recommended valerian. I noticed that Plain Brown Tabby sells valerian cat toys. So, is valerian tea okay?
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ASK a vet ... but valerian works like cat nip in cats sensitive to it
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It's fine. We occasionally give Jamie a valerian tea bag to play with. He rolls on the bag, and then rips it up and strews it around.
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Yes, valerian is safe for cats! Sierra & Serenity respond to it similarly to catnip! Pat has information on her site about cats and valerien. http://www.catniptoys.com/valerian_faq.htm
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