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Does your cat KNOW actual words??!!

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Ashley is just plain WEIRD from sitting in the tub for 20 minutes at a shot to sleeping on her back with ALL four legs in the air (someone thought she was a dog once)...but the other really weird thing I have never seen in a cat is that she knows WORDS. Some cats might know what something means by the TONE of a voice, but Ashley knows WORDS. She has taken over a particular chair so when you say "CHAIR", she will jump in it and knows that she will get a treat. When you say "EAT" she responds with a half meow and heads for the kitchen. Same thing with "Side"....if you say "Side" she knows it means OUTSIDE and will follow you to the door. I am serious!!! It is just BIZARRE! I have tried other words in the same fasion to see if it is just the tone and it isn't.

Any other cats do this or is Ashley half dog?!
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hmm.... off the top of my head.. and we'll do it with Asim cause they all know different commands, and I'm working on more slowly.

Up (beg), down/off (get down), come (or just call their name), no, jump, sit, no paws.
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Spidey-get-down (I'm sure he thinks it's one word), No, OK, kitties, hungry, supper, that's all I can think of I know they know.
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Oh yeah, and Kitty food!, Vitamins!
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My cats know a few words and phrases...

When I say "Do you want to play?" They go running to the dresser with the supervised cat toys in it.

When I say "Are you hungry?" They go running to thier food bowl. This amuses me because they always have food, but still they go.

When I ask: "Where are the birdies?" They run to the windows.

And I say: "Get it/her" They either attack (playfully)their toy or sister. :laughing:

And when I say No! They look at me. I can see the laughing in their eyes. Truly. .
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My cats all know their names and come when called. They also know the meaning of "get down" and "no". I too believe they know the words not the tone of voice. When they come up to me sometimes I say " go get it" and they bring me a toy to play with them.
Whenever I get a new kitten or cat I say it's name a lot when I pet it and play with it and soon it comes when called.

I think cats can learn commands you just have to make them think they want to do it. I have also never given a food reward just lots of praise and attention.

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Mine know down, no, babies, their names, of course, cozy, cozy, mousie (a piece of rolled up cardboard that Precious plays fetch with), the phrase, Not for babies, and more that I can't think of. We shouldn't be surprised. The experts tell us that cats and dogs are equally intelligent, but cats decide what they'll respond to. Dogs aren't quite as independent. And Blueberry says Ma and HMMM? in English, of course.
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I love when cats come to their name. You don't even have to hollar it, just say their names and they all come running to you even from a dead sleep

Come my minions come!

The only command I have taugth them using food was the 'up' command, it's not necissary, but it's just the way I've always done it. I teach all my cats that as soon as I get them... so I can say any cat that is adopted out by me knows the Up/Beg command, it's a little cute thing that sometimes puts the adoption over the top.

Of course cats can understand words, what are you silly?!
Anything that deals with a cat coming to me, or to my hand, the cats always seem eager to please

Oh I remembered some more, Asim knows "out, and "go to your room!"
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Spike knows a few words also... he knows his name, and will look at me if I say it, although he doesn't always come when I call him. He knows "water", "treat", "upstairs" and "downstairs" - for which he'll head to the stairs and go up or down depending on where we are.

He also knows the words for a bunch of his toys: "fishing pole", "featherball", "mousie", "red dot" - which is the laser pointer, "stick", "oliver" - a stuffed beanie cat.

Oh! He knows how to "sit" and he will give me his "paw" if I ask him to (and if I'm holding a treat ) He also knows "brush" - I ask him if he wants it before I start brushing him. (He only tolerates it because he knows he gets a treat afterwards) "Sleepy" is another word he knows... as in: it's time for sleepy... then he looks up at the light, waiting for me to turn it off before he closes his eyes. :tounge2:
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Both Alf and Ronnie know their names and come flying across the neighbours gardens when I call them. They understand "out" "belly-food" "mitten nam-nams" and "bed".

Sometimes they will respond to "Move your tail", if they are lying on top of the TV with a tail hanging down.

Ronnie understands "Where's your frou-frou?" (frou-frou = feather duster) and will go and meow below where it is kept - very cute, even though Julian just thinks I'm winding her up.....

Or maybe I am just anthropomorphising them....
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Wow! I thought Ashley was the smartest! I guess not!! Impressive! Move over Lassie!
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They both know their names, although they don't always respond. They know No, Ball, Excuse Me (when they are walking right in front of us and need to move out of the way. I insisted that we be polite to our cats and not just say Move! like hubby did. ) Do You Want to Play?, and Trent knows Groom. I tried to "Brush" him before and he never liked it. Now I say it's time for "Grooming" and he follows me to be groomed.

I really think that they understand a whole lot more than even certain words. When we moved, Trent took to sleeping in the computer room at night instead of with me. I told him that I really missed him sleeping with me, and the next night he came in and slept with me. I also explained to him that I needed to groom him (see above) and that it would help him not have hairballs as much if he would let me do it. Since I had that talk with him, he comes running to get groomed. One time I asked Ophelia if we should get a kitten and she gave me a PO'ed meow in return - definitely NO! LOL
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Ivo knows up-up-up (which means get in your kitty condo, something interesting is outside), out (time for a walk in the hall), treats, and her name.
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I've taught Maya 'are you ready to get up?' . e.g. she is sitting on my lap, and I say it very quietly without moving - she gets right up and off. But I only have about 1 minute to get up or she'll get back on.

They both know their names, 'kitty', 'speak', and come. The best part is the conversational tone - I'll speak to chasca, saying anything, and end on one of several tones. Chasca will then 'answer'. If I ask a question (my voice up) - she'll answer grumpily - I guess a lot of nos. If I say something sweetly, she'll agree - a quick meow. If I sound sad, she'll say 'meow meow meow' quickly. I don't know what it means.
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Snowball knows "no", "get down", "good boy", "be good", "groom", (it's used in the same way for Snowball as it is for Heidi's cat) "kitty treats" and he knows his name. When he's in my lap I say "mom has to get up" and he meows like he's complaining. Our other cat has passed away, but when she was alive we would say either "where's Midnight"? or "go find Midnight" and he would start looking for her. If we speak directly to him he meows like he's responding. The last one is that he sometimes responds to various other words like he actually understands them.
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Lorie, Up to now I have always had a black cat and a white one. It sounds as if that's what you had too! My last black cat had the conformation, personality, and "talked" like a Siamese, and I missed her so much I got two Siamese! I tell my cats "Mommy has to get up now, too." They're pretty clever animals, aren't they?
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All 3 of mine know "cookie." I ask if anybody wants a cookie (kitty treat), and they all come sit in front of me. Fred will come to me when I call his name. Georgia likes to sit in the computer chair, so when we want to use it, we move it by a kitchen chair, and she switches chairs. We keep the kitchen chair there by the computer just for kitties. Pearl gets all excited at bedtime. All she has to hear is "bed" and she is there, sitting on the pillow, ready to dive under the covers and cuddle.
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Jeanie, it looks like our black cats had some things in common, Midnight was a Siamese mix with the physical appearance of that breed, (excluding color). And instead of a Siamese voice, she had a squeeky little meow. I agree cats are really smart, and they even seem almost human sometimes.
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I got a Sharon Osbourne doll that screams " shut the bleep up and go to bed!" Pearl heard the word "bed" and off she went. It was so funny!:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: She was puzzled when I didn't come with her.
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:laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2
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My husband and I buy bagged ice, and it tends to freeze together. Before droping it on the ground to break it up, i would always yell to my husband in the other room "dropping ice" so he would know what the large bang was. One day my cat Target was eating at her food bowl when I was getting a drink. i yelled "dropping ice", and saw her take off out of the corner of my eye. Now, even if hubby is in the same room, I'll still say "dropping ice" because I know the cat knows that a big bang follows those words. :-)

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Mine know that "get down" phrase and "no". It took them a long time to quit pretending they didn't understand that last word.
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Russell knows...

Dog (he'll answer to that more than Kitty)

Esper knows...

and is getting the hang of Up

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