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Wet food question

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Ok-I am wanting to start the cats on wet food again. I was wondering, how often should they be fed wet food? And I also wondered what brand would be best?

Thanks for the help!

And also, is it really better that they get wet, along with dry? Or is just dry food, alone enough??
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I feed wet food in the morning (a 5-6oz can split 3 way), after work (two 3oz can split 3 ways), then a snack before bed (one 3oz split).

I'll let the experts recommend brands. My cats won't eat most of the good stuff. I'm waiting until Nutro cans their own to buy Nutro wet again.

My cats free feed on measured amounts of kibble.
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Offer about a teaspoon of canned and see if theyll eat .... then increase... I used to be 50 wet 50 dry with both cats and dogs .... it seems still to be a good mix

what is your budget??

under 75 cents a can( 5.5oz

under 1.00

under 1.30

under 2.00
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My preference would be all wet, and Jamie's would be all dry, so we've compromised. He gets 30 g. (about a 1/4 cup) of dry in the morning, and a 3 oz. can of wet in the evening.

As far as brands are concerned, you'll probably have to see what they like that is affordable. I'd just stay away from the supermarket varieties. American canned varieties I've always liked are Solid Gold, Felidae, Innova, California Natural, Nature's Variety Prairie. A lot of people recommend Chicken Soup as being good and affordable.
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
Offer about a teaspoon of canned and see if theyll eat .... then increase... I used to be 50 wet 50 dry with both cats and dogs .... it seems still to be a good mix

what is your budget??

under 75 cents a can( 5.5oz

under 1.00

under 1.30

under 2.00
Umm well since I would be feeding 9 cats.....I kinda need to be on a budget, but I dont want them getting diareah(sp?) or anything from it. I used to feed them like 9 lives I think it was. Is that a good brand? I know they never really had any problems with it, but like I said I dont want any sick kittys from anything.
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I feed Harley & Bayley the Meow Mix wet pouches & I know a few other members feed their kitties that too. They get one in the morning (they share the pouches) and one at supper every night as well. They love it- and they've always done well on it. Harley won't eat any other kind- I've never tried anything different on Bayley- but I just am happy Harley eats the wet, so I don't want to discourage him & try something else he won't like.
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The Meow Mix wet pouches really aren't a bad way to go in terms of feeding wet affordably. They do contain a lot of seafood, which over time isn't always a great deal, and too much fish-based food can promote specific health issues.

If you're on a budget, I'd give the Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul. It isn't as cheap as the Meow Mix, but it's certainly a step up, and for the decent price, it's a good food. It also seems to be a bit more widely available than some other brands.
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These are 13 oz cans with Nine that will save you $$$

Chicken soup about 1.29

Wellness about 1.75

Nutro( when they come back , ones on shelf are Menu made)

Eagle pack 1.30-1.60

California Natural about 1.25-1.75/ Innova about the same and you can buy dog since there formulas are identical in 95% of the flavors

Evo about 2

Felidea about 1.40

If you can find these are often 5-6 oz

Evangers about 1

Merricks this varies I have seen 1.50 down to 79 cents

I would give you some grocery normally but feeding 9 3-6 oz cans arent going to help much
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I definitely agree on the 13oz cans. By the time you open even 4 of those 2.75oz pouches you've spent enough to get a 13oz can in most it's more food.
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This is such a hard question, and is asked so often! Everybody's budget is different, evreybody has a different number of cats, and different preferences. So I can't tell you one way or another. You'll just have to figure out what is best for you.

Zoe gets unlimited dry kibble (she's only 11 weeks, she eats about 1/3 cup a day) and gets 1/4 of a 5.5 oz can in the morning, same in the evening. I feed her everything, because I want to give her a variety and don't want her to get picky. I know the following brands aren't the best for her, so she isn't at her health-maximum, but what I feed her is about equal in health as to what the average American eats per day, perhaps even better. But like I said, she gets a variety.

Nutro / Meow Mix / Friskies / Fancy Feast / IAMS

Pretty much whatever I can find in our tiny PetCo and Wal-Mart... Good luck!
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I have fed about 40 cats over the past 10 years friskies with good results. Did feed whiskas for a bit but found to many bones in it and switched back. its about .60 a can(get the 13 at walmart and petsmart) mine turn thier noses at the others brands to easily...and some dont have the 13 ox cans
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