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Daily Thread Thursday June 21st

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Morning Folks!!

Today is the first day of summer!! I am so excited, I love summer!!

Its also

So, I am keeping it short.. Its my new early day today, so heading out at 2:30 I love that! Its going to be a beautiful day too!

Have a great one friends!
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Morning ~yawns~

It is nice here too
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
Morning ~yawns~

It is nice here too
Wow, you really kept it short and sweet WAY better than I did
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Coffee's on... anyone for a cup of hazelnut?
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good morning

Today is pay day! What more could I ask for?
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Originally Posted by MuttigreeMom View Post
Coffee's on... anyone for a cup of hazelnut?

Good morning everyone
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Morning ladies, and Bruce!

It's warm and sunny here today, as well as being the first day of summer it's the longest day as well, deep joy!!

I rang Jacks fosterer who told me that he's coming on leaps and bounds
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Morning all my cat peeps!! I have been up since 430 am *yawns* Hope everyone has a greeeat day!!!
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We had thunderstorms move through last night-we were on the edge so we just got a bit of rain. Sunny start to the summer today-have some odds and ends to do doing for work so lots of driving around. Knees and hands are a bit sore from 6 hours of solid weeding yesterday.

Enjoy this long day!!
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Hey all.

I'm awake -I think. No bosses here at work today, so people are already taking advantage. Wonder how early I can sneak out?

Have a good one!
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Morning kitty friends!

Another day working here... not much going on- only 2 therapists here today, should be a quiet one.

Have a good day!
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Morning all! It's sunny & warm today
Tomorrow is crunch time for moving on Saturday. I have to spend tomorrow night without the kitties. Last day for me to waste on the net in between packing. We are taking the pc's apart tonight
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Morning all...not such a great weather day here..Lots more rain last night, and it is still raining a little now, with more on the least there were no severe flooding with last nights rains. Hope everyone has a great day.
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Partly cloudy here but nice and cool. Heading off to work shortly as usual. Having a type of day...
Hope everyone has a good one.
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Morning all. Late here, so

Short and sweet, right?
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Good Morning!

First day of summer and it's going to be a hot one! Average temps here are around 110 degrees! (right now)

Just another day at work!

Going to keep it short, so have a good day!
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