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Safari 3

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I've downloaded the beta of Safari 3 (the browser for mac) and I can't figure out how to turn off the automatic spell check that happens in every single text box you type in (this one, for instance). I don't want, or need, a spell check and I hate the stupid red lines.
I can right-click in the box and select 'check spelling' or 'check spelling as you type' but it doesn't seem to matter which.

Do I just have to live with it since it's a beta?
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Can't you simply remove the dictionaries? There should be some category in your tool bar like "add-ons" or "tools" where you can add or delete dictionaries. That should disenable the spell check.
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I can't find anything like that is preferences, and when I right-click it there's no option either.

Sorry I forgot about this post

It's not an add-on or anything, it's a built-in thing with the browser.
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Sorry that was no help.. I know it's an option with the browsers I use, but I'm not familiar with Safari, and I suppose the beta version doesn't have too many options yet.
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Well, I've just gotten an update for it, so I'll check again. Mwa ha!

Problem fixed, in the new beta version it actually works when you deselect "Check spelling as I type".

Thanks for helping!
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