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Raw bald patch on stomach

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Last night I noticed that Possum has a huge raw bald patch on his stomach. I think it was about 2 1/2-3 inches in diameter. I think he might have been pulling his fur out himself. I didn't notice until last night because Possum doesn't really like to be on his back (or picked up). I called the vet this morning and he said to just bring him in and they'll give him a shot of Cortisone, which should clear it up.

I was just wondering if anyone else's cat has done this? Why would he be pulling his fur out?

He doesn't have fleas; I put Revolution on him and his brother every month.

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My neurotic kitty Cheshire has done that twice, because of anxiety. I left him for two days, and he totally flipped out and did it to his entire leg. The vet suggested kitty prozac for him, but it's really expensive. I got him a kitten instead (yes, a cat for my cat!), and he hasn't done it since.
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does it happen every yr at this time ???

how often does it happen???

What is Possum eating??
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Betty Ann - I can't really see what he would have to be anxious about. I did start a new job last week, but I think this has been happening longer than that. He has a brother to hang out with and play with, and they get along really well, so he can't be lonely. Oh, and I got Possum just as much for Loki as for me because I thought he was lonely!

Sharky - I've only had Possum since March. I don't know if he's ever done this before, and this is the first time he's done this here. I don't think I can contact his fostermom because right after I took him in she went into the hospital for leukemia treatment. He eats Purina One Total Nutrition Chicken and Rice Formula Dry Food. I give him 1-3 treats a day. His behavior hasn't changed.

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Is he FELV positive???

How old is he??
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No, he doesn't have FELV, he's in perfect health. Possum is about 1 year and 10 months.

Some background information: Possum and his blood-siblings were found as young kittens and were rescued and taken in by Columbia Second Chance, a rescue organization. The kittens were cared for, neutered/spayed, and taken to their cattery. All of the kittens were extremely shy, though apparently Possum was the most outgoing. They were eventually transfered into foster homes and all became more sociable. Possum was in fostercare where he did really well until early March when I took him in on a trial adoption. He was very scared the first few days, but eventually came out of his shell, and has been very happy here. He cuddles, plays, and rough-houses with his brother, Loki. He loves me and cuddles with me, and sleeps with me.

He's still shy when strangers or people he doesn't know very well come around, but that's not very much. Sometimes he's still shy around me for some reason, but I just le him be. He's a small boy, though he's an adult cat. From what I can tell he's about the size of a nine-month old cat. He was kind of skinny when I got him (he was 4 lbs. when I took him to the vet, after I officially adopted him), but I think I've managed to get a pound on him. Both he and his brother are both strictly indoor kitties. He seems to be content and happy.

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Sorry I misread ... I thought the foster mom took Possum for lekemia treatments...

You may need to try a food free of corn and by products
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My family has a kitty that pulled his fur out in the winter... turned out he was getting static and it was annoying him, so it stressed him out and he pulled his fur. He stopped once they got a humidifier. I'm sure that's not the reason since it's not winter now...but maybe it's something similar.
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