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Missing my babies

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I think I've gone into withdrawls. I'm missing my furbabies already - and it's been less than 2 hours!!

hubby and i are going out of town for a couple days for a work-related convention. so, my folks have graciously agreed to take in the boys for the few days.

we no sooner got home and put the key in the door and felt so alone. Usually, i call out, 'hi my baby boys' -- i caught myself with the words forming in the back of my throat.

it's going to be weird going to bed tonight and not having Sneak hop up in bed and not having Punk tear around the apartment meowing like a demeanted peacock.

at least it's just temporary.

anywhoo, say good night to your own fur babies and give them an extra pat or hug or kiss - whatever - and tell them it's from me.

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Awww. I'm sorry!! We went out of town for 2 days and had my parents come by and take care of the furbabies. I missed them so much! I couldn't wait to come home and see them!!
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I know what you mean! You sure get used to them being with you.

4 years ago I went to Detroit for a week and my nephew stayed here and looked after my cats. OMG! I missed them so much. I was calling him almost daily to make sure he had fed them, gave them fresh water, cleaned their litter and played with them, LOL

I'm sure he thought I was a weird cat lady!!! I was itching to get home and give them snuggles!!!
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Isn't it suprising how much you can miss the little rugrats so quickly. When we used to go on holiday (pre kids) we would call home (from Mexico) and get our cat sitter to hold up the phone to the cats for us.
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