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Did Purdue debunk the conspiracy theories about 9/11? - Page 2

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Really? I didn't think it was as stupid and obviously paranoid as so many other conspiracy theory films I've seen. It raised some questions that sent chills down me.

To be honest though - I am more inclined to agree with most people here and say I don't think we'll ever know the full story behind 9/11, and I also believe that the US government knew something big was going to happen, but that essentially it was exactly what it appeared - a viciously clever and evil terrorist plot that was designed to splinter the world as we know it. And in that, at least, it succeeded.
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i agree it was, not, but it seemed to try and play with feeling more, and fears.
movies that do that, lose the value to me, when i watch something like that all i want are facts and nothing but the facts.

one of there bigs was , well in this over the goverment had cross hairs on the WTC , or Rice said they had no idea. etc.

well doh, they had been more then a few attempts to blow up the WTC so yea, we know that. no one person can be excpected to know, when and where a tatic would be used. Far as i know, france was the only attempted plot to fly one in, and that wsa stopped on the ground years before. so nick picking apart diffetent statments made at different times, is pointless

of course they did know stuff, they had warings, but in a some what free socity its hard to stop something, unless you have the date and time something is going to happen. but like i said, until someone who knows what they are talking about, can give me proof, all i see is people running around screaming wolf
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I'm from Oklahoma City. If any of you remember the bombing here in 1995, we have the some of the same exact theories going around about that too. Only Clinton was President then.

I can't remember a major event that didn't come with a basketful of conspiracy theories.

I'm not sure that there aren't elements deep in the government that would have the lack of morals to try something like this, but I don't think there are enough of them. Most of the 'government' people in the shadows are really just real people, with parents, siblings, wives, husbands and children. I can't see something of this magnatitude being done and someone not coming forward about it.
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