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i got it i got it - the ear chew/suckling

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here's a short vid, let me know what you think! cute, yuck, aww, chewing, suckling, ear fetish!

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mmmm Stoli, what a tasty ear you have!!!
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I have a crush...on Stoli! He's always so smiley & bright-eyed, esp. in your rotation of siggys...
(Luxor is a cutie, too )
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Sorry, I can't view your video

For some reason videos hosted at Photobucket cause my browser to freeze up and close.
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i'm sorry, what browser do you use?
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Yesterday I tried to view another video here that someone had posted on their photobucket space and the same thing happened. My browser froze up, then closed and I got a windows popup about sending an error report.
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I use Firefox and it worked fine for me....

Very cute! LOL
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That is sooooo cute! I love how Stoli is enjoying his ear bath. LoL
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It's fine for my firefox as well - maybe it's something to do with your firewall settings?

That's a great vid - Stoli is so patient!!!! And Luxor REALLY gets deep into that ear doesn't he....
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I tried it with IE and it worked!

That little one is sure going to town on that ear, LOL At one point really chomping on it.
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i know!, but i stuck my finger out one day and he's not biting too hard, i just don't understand. i'm sure he's gotten stoli's ear clean by NOW!~ must be a fetish huh?
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OMG that's so funny!! I've never seen a cat getting it's ear chewed like that and sit so still Stoli looked like he was really loving it as well

Rosie would have Sophie clean inside her ears all day if she could
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Stoli sure is patient. I hope it feels good
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My kittens, they do that too! And then, the one liking the ear starts to bites it instead and they get in a fight! They do that everyday, it's so cute! Your kittens are totally adorable!
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I love how he totally manipulates Stoli's head to wherever he wants it too. Stoli just lets him go to town. It must feel good, and put him into na-na land.
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OMG that is WAY TOO FUNNY!!!
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Hey! I was able to get my kittens on videotape when they do the chew thing too, but I don't know how to attach a video in a post (I'm kind of new here!). Could anybody help me with this?

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you'll need to get a photobucket account or a youtube account. then from there you can get the code to paste in a post here.
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Thank you so much!! I'll try that!
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Okay, here it is! I hope it works! Tell me what you think!

<object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="<A href=""></param><param">"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object>
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youtube embedded doesn't work on this board, get the direct link that's next to the code you just got.

this is the url code...
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So the url of the video is:

It's only 30 seconds, but you can see Zoé licking Tania'a ear .

Thanks a lot for the advice ,

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that is lovely to watch! your other cat just sat there with his eyes covered
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