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Doggie Daycare?

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Apparently my city has a Doggie Daycare. Cost is $20.00 per day plus the cost of food. You can also access their webcam to see your dog whenever you want.

I think if I had a dog and the extra money I would probably use something like that rather than leaving the dog home alone. Cats....they aren't as social as dogs, so I can't see this working for our feline companions, but for dogs I think it's a great idea.
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That's pretty neat. Would be a cool place to work too, I bet.

Thanks, Linda. Nice link.
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My dog goes everyday to doggy daycare. He LOVES it and will get so excited when you pull into the parking lot when you first get there. He has his friends there and the people who work there are really good to him, too! At first, I didnt like the idea, but after dropping by several times unannounced, I was really happy at how happy he is there.

And they will also bathe and groom him, too!
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that does sound like alot of fun,
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My dogs visit one occassionally. They it very much.
Since I show I had to find a small one, the only one that accepts intact dogs on a case by case basis, and they are $30 a day per dog, and they get special doggie snacks during the day
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post

And they will also bathe and groom him, too!
Some also offer doggie photography, doggie bakeries, dog training, a store full of unique dog stuff and good foods, and cage free overnight boarding. They are really neat.
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Our kids go to daycare (have a look at their pic in the pet pics forum) and it's the best thing we ever did. They LOVE it and it provides stimulation and socialisation for them that we could never provide despite all their exercise and doggy play time. We can't provide it for ten hours a day.

They go once a week and it's 27.50 each for the day. When they come home they are so satisfied and exhausted they don't even eat or pee. Straight on their beds, asleep for about 24 - 30 hours straight. Brilliant for them, brilliant for us. It's awesome.

Oh, and their day care is also a doggy day spa, so they can have grooming and clipping services at an extra cost. They also do a taxi, so if you live in the nominated area radius you can have your dog picked up and dropped off. It's the only one of its kind in Perth and you should see how well they are doing. Amazing.
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Originally Posted by cococat View Post
Some also offer doggie photography, doggie bakeries, dog training, a store full of unique dog stuff and good foods, and cage free overnight boarding. They are really neat.
Yes thats how the one he goes to is. Its a Resort and Spa for dogs They have beds and TVs in their rooms, many amenities that he loves.
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My groomer does doggy daycare .... 10 for half or 15 for the whole day .... My girl doesnt go since she is at times not a doggie social girl
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My aunt does that for the both of her dogs, they enjoy it and she feels good about leaving them behind becuase she knows that they re having a fun time.
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If I had the extra money I would so love to send Vino, but he can get grumpy sometimes (he's an old man ) so I'm sure how he'd react
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Originally Posted by KitEKats4Eva! View Post
Our kids go to daycare (have a look at their pic in the pet pics forum) and it's the best thing we ever did.
I that picture you posted before of them and doggie daycare! They look very content and just well, worn out! How cute!
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My dog Vlad (who I've had about 2 weeks) goes to doggie day care, because he has separation anxiety when left home alone. We're working on that, but I think even when he is okay to be alone all day I'll probably still take him a couple times a week. He gets so excited when we pull into the lot.

I take him to doggie daycamp at petsmart, it's about 20bucks a day. The more "local" daycares are much more expensive, and so while he's going 2-3 times a week I'll probably keep taking him to PetSmart. Everyone there has been super nice and he seems to really like it.
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Ours go to a doggie daycare too - when we go on vacation. I have to be really careful not to say the name of the place if Shadow can hear me because he gets so excited to hear the name!
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Ruby and Chester virtually neck themselves in the car about 5km before we get to daycare - all of a sudden they recognise where we are and where we are headed. If I take too long getting out of the car when we arrive I have extreme whining and sometimes a `hurry up Mum!' bark in my ear. So cute.

Their daycare is called `K9 to 5 Dog Daycare and Spa' and it's run by this hippie couple, Stella and Gia (although I'm sure a few months ago their names were Tracey and with multicoloured dreadlocks and a big combi van called the Pet Taxi. They're so funny.

We ran into them at the beach once, and just off in the distance we could see Ruby and Chester mauling these people - we were so embarrassed. And then we realised it was the daycare ladies and we thought, well, if the dogs greet them with such over-the-top enthusiasm nothing bad could ever happen at daycare while we're not there, otherwise the pups wouldn't be so happy to see them. It's very reassuring to have daycare - I know our dogs wouldn't be as happy if they didn't go.
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That place looks wonderful, Linda.
Doggie Daycare is a great idea. I'd definitely do that or get a dog walker if I had a dog and worked all day. They really need the day broken up for them, staying home all day by yourself is very boring, especially for a social animal like dogs.
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Petsmart has doggie daycare and doggie daycamp in the hotel. I work there It's a lot of fun playing with the dogs all day, and it helps with a lot of parents who work a lot and want to do something special for their dogs from time to time. Also, dogs with high energy levels, and PUPPIES , it helps get some of that energy out.
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My Golden went to a daycare once...she hated it. She is a very social dog but does not really PLAY with other dogs. She likes other dogs but prefers them to sniff noses with and then just hang around, not actually wrestling or jumping/chasing... I think the main reason she hated it was the minimal human element. She LOVES people and prefers to be the center of attention so she was not too happy being with a whole lot of other dogs and few humans to get attention from! She's a therapy dog so she also thinks her job is to be by humans and be petted and talked to and etc all the time. She'd rather be at home hanging out, and she'd rather get her exercise by running around with me Luckily she has no problem being home alone, so if I was gone all day it would be ok with her as long as she got extra attention in the evening. However at our house something is almost always home, the dogs are usually only alone for maybe an hour or two at a time.

I used to work at a dog kennel and I supervised daycare, most of the dogs just had a wonderful time and obviously loved it. I also tried to give them as much petting/individual attention as possible.
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while the concept is nice, i would never put my dog in a doggy daycare. even when all the dogs are properly vaccinated, you are still exposing your pet to countless things (many which can not be vaccinated for) and you have no idea what everyone else's animal may have come in contact with that would not be covered under their vaccines. in theory- it's a good idea....but in reality- i don't think it's worth the risk to put my animals at risk by exposing them to other dogs several times a week. that's a great way for them to get ill or pick something up.

dog parks are another thing to watch out for. parvo can live for several months in feces/surrounding areas contaminated by a ill dog as can many other conditions -without you ever knowing that another person had their ill dog there. we have 3 dog parks at the shelter where i work and we do not even allow puppies to go into them for that specific reason. anytime you take your dog to a park or daycare - you're exposing them to things that could put them at risk (even when other dogs are vaccinated. vaccines are not 100% fool proof....they only help boost immunity to certain diseases/conditons).
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