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So Dina has been an IAMS wet food cat when I first got her. As we know, there has been a problem with that recently and so I am looking for a replacement. I know she likes the pieces & gravy stuff and doesn't like the pattes as much (dry food is fine with her, but I am looking to give her wet as well, and I know she craves it). She doesn't seem to be picky as far as flavor. Are there any types of wet cat food available in a regular grocery store that are ok? I know that most of them are crap and Dina, while she is ok with most wet foods, definitely can tell that some brands are not very good and will not eat as much, especially if dry food is available, and I think it also makes her go to the bathroom more.

Alternately, if you don't think there is any good cat food in regular stores, what food do you recommend in pet stores? Is it a good idea to buy lots of food online and have it shipped? (expiration-wise, not cost-wise)

Cost-wise, I don't want anything extraordinarily expensive, but paying a little more is not at all a problem.

Thanks a lot. My kitty is only a little over a year and I have had her for less than that so I still need to know a lot more stuff.
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Buying food online is just fine as long as it is a good brand. I have bought food online for all my animals at one time or another and been very pleased with the results. www.petfooddirect.com is where I get mine and they usually have deals, but you can shop around. For my kitty I stay away from all grocery store foods and most chain pet store foods, the feed stores and smaller specialty stores tend to have the more premium and healthier foods for cats.
Here are some past threads that are full of great information and should help you learn about the different types of foods, what is best, where to get them, etc.
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They only issue I have with ordering online is that once in a while I get dented cans (which I wouldn't buy). I got a whole case of dented cans from PetFoodDirect once and sent them back. Which is fine, but you're out the shipping both ways. Usually there isn't a problem though.
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