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Bloody Stool

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I just got a kitten on Monday. He is 9 weeks old. When I brought him home he ate a lot but was very scared (to be expected). He was pooping in his litter box and seemed to get used to us fast.

This morning I noticed that he pooped on the bedroom floor and thought maybe it was because some how he had gotten trapped in the bedroom last night when we went to sleep.

Then, a few hours ago I noticed that he also pooped next to my computer. However, I did notice a bloody "clot" in his stool. I picked him up to examine him & he seems fine other than the fact that his lower stomach MAY be swollen (or I'm just extremely paranoid now). His behavior hasn't changed at all since we brought him home except for the fact that he's getting used to us.

Also, since we brought him home, he's been very gassy.

I called the vet and she said that it may just be due to the food I was feeding him (meow mix for ALL aged cats). I bought him some kitten food but I'm still totally paranoid.

Any advise?
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It could be that it's simply a change in food. Was he on something different beforehand? Traces of blood aren't abnormal if they have diarrhea, as it aggravates their system... but if he's got a normal stool, I'm not sure. I'd keep a close eye on him, in case it gets worse. They're fragile at that age.. but it's good that your vet is involved and hopefully is on top of the matter.

Keep us updated on their progress!
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His stool is a brownish yellow color. It's formed, but very soft. He seems to be eating & drinking a lot and he's still active and playful.

I'm not sure what he was eating before. The woman I got him from was very old and had all 5 kittens outside in a cat carrier. I don't think that she was really taking that great care of them.

I'm going to try to relax but just keep a close eye on him.

It's crazy how attached you get after 2 days.
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I hear you. I know exactly how you feel.
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Hello and welcome

If he hasn't been wormed, I would suggest talking to the vet about that. All that's involved is weighing the kitty and adminstering some medicine, usually 2 doses a couple of weeks apart. Most young kittens have some worms. That can cause a rounded belly and bloody stools...but so can gas and food change like Heather mentioned.

I'm not sure which kitten food you switched to...and I hate to sound like cat food snob but I would suggest considering a food that doesn't have "by products" and artificial colors and preservatives. Something with more meat and less "stuff" would be more digestable and nutritious for your baby.

I'm a big fan of wet cat food too...there are many benefits. It's best to introduce it early when they are more open minded about things.

We love pictures of kittens
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Thanks to all of you guys for you help. I'm taking him to the vet friday to get checked out.

I got him purina kitten chow and he seems to like it. I'm also giving him some wet food too and he LOVES it.

I don't have a lot of good pictures yet because he's so rambunctious but here is the best I have:

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I agree that the cat needs to be taken to the vet to be tested for worms and if necessary dewormed.

Bloody stool in a new kitten, particularly with distended belly, really says worms to me. I'm surprised the vet dismissed the issue as nothing.
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He's adorable. Let us know how things go at the vet
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OH, he is just TOOOOOO cute!!! What a darling! Give him tons of smooches and snuggles from me.
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Thank you!!!!!
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