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PLEASE can some one help!!!

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hi every one, this is my 1st time on here and im in need of some advice, my hubbie came home from work today with 2 kittens, im not sure how old they are but there eyes have just started to open... My own cat (baggie) gave birth to her litter of 3, 3 days ago she is a very good mum and excepted the new babies with open paws, so to speak, but the new babies dont seem to want to suck of baggie , they have a look and try for a bit but the 3 day old kittens just push there way thru, i have put the older kittens on baggie to give them a fighting chance but im not having much luck, they just want to snuggle up and go to sleep... I could not leave them like this so i have syringed warm baby milk in to them i intend to do this every 2 hours during the night i no its not as good as mums milk but i dont no what else to do i please any advice you can give me, untill i can get to the vets in the morning. thanx baggiesmum
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I am also anew Mom found a newborn orphan 22 days ago. I put my kitty on kitten formula and a bottle, the first night it used an eye dropper, Lucky seemed to like it, I had to open her mouth and I put a drop on her tongue, then she began to suck on it, you could try it and see
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I think you're probably doing the best that you can for them right now... if she'll sleep there with them that will give them the warmth they need. I don't think they're much older than the babies she has... i believe the eyes start opening around 1-2 weeks?

Feed them Kitten Replacement Milk, although, you may have to wait for better advice... I think if you syringe it into them you risk the possibility of them aspirating it. Maybe a bottle with a slightly widened opening to make it easier to suckle from might work? I don't have a lot of recent experience with teeny tiny kittens, so I'm afraid I'm going from what I remember from way back. It sounds like perhaps they're just too weak, perhaps from being away from their original mom too long before they found you.

Hopefully someone shortly will be along to give you better kitten advice. I do think that 2-4 hours is the right time schedule, and I'm thinking maybe the closer to 2 it is, that might be better since they're weak and probably a bit dehydrated.

Best of luck and please keep us updated.
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they sell 'kitten' nursing bottles in the pet store where they stock the KMR. i've never tried them, but you might want to try one of those - might work better for you than the syringe.
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once they are warm and happy, they might have a feed off Baggie. The rescues i brough into the house took a day or two, but did feed off the cat i have that jsut had kittens as well.

I would wait till your 3 day old babies have just had a feed, then move them over and let them try to have a feed without being pushed around by the younger babies. you might have to try to express a bit of milk from mom so they get the idea. Good Luck!!!
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You might try taking Baggies kittens away for a few minutes and letting the new kittens have a go for a little while. See if they will eat on their own. Good Luck!
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