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what happens when ur female cats meet a strange cat

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In your backyard?

My little tortie girl was all puffed up today crouched really low I was thinking a fox or a coon was in the yard but it was someone elses extremly fat tabby cat. I have never seen her act that way wherever the other cat would go my little cat would follow it crouched low and make a strange noise with her tail all puffed up she did this until the other cat left.

What do ur female cats usually do when a strange cat enters ur backyard? I noticed my cats ignore raccoons skunks or foxes but they make a huge deal if its another cat

there was a red fox that use to frequent our yard and wait outside of our celler where big brown rats live and I guess the fox picked up on the rats comming in and out of a specific hole (from our dungeon crawlspace basement) and just started killing them and eating them at night. The cats & fox shockingly seemed to be comfortable in each others presense im guessing the cats have seen the fox around for years which is why they have no reaction to it.

Im guessing that fox is the same animal that caught my duck though
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Females can be as territorial as males. Among my girls, Joji, Skinny and young Yon react quite like your tortie when strange cats enter the property. However, this rarely happens because my boys are always ahead in spotting a stranger.
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BEWARE.. That fox might decide your cat tastes good someday.

My girlie, Emma, when she was about a year old, ran off two barn cat kittens... right off the deck and into the yard. She was mean. Chili just hissed and puffed up.

Now, with our friend's cats over, Nemma snuck out onto the deck and went nose to nose with Winslow (1 yearish?), sniffing him. They were both pretty interested in eachother. Tizbury (4 year old male) was VERY aggressive towards her, hissing and growling. He puffed himself up and stalked over to her, so cringed and hissed, and went up to the door, so I let her inside. I think she and Winslow might actually have had a good time together if Tiz hadn't ruined it.

Chili, on the other hand.. saw them through the glass and HISSED. She sat there for over an hour, staring and growling. Tiz went right back up to her and growled back, and they swatted at the glass. I finally brought out the squirt bottle, and that cured it.

Tom, our 10 year old boy, is terrified of cats, and as oon as he saw them, he RAN.
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Girls cats get chased and the whole "halloweenie" cat treatment. Male cats start out that way, but then they make friends or tolerate the boys after a while .
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I think female cats are more territorial because their territory tends to be smaller. They don't want another unrelated (especially female) cat in their area. Boys seem to be generally more laid back about that kind of thing.
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It's interesting, my female cat gets very territorial when this same male cat sits on our patio. She's not allowed outside, but we've opened the glass door, leaving the screen closed, to let her smell him-so I assume she knows he's a male. But she puffs up, makes deep meowing/moaning noises, and attacks the glass door trying to get at him. I've never seen her reaction to any other type of animal, though.
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My current boy cat just likes to intimidate strange cats whilest my RB male tolerated any cat that came in his area.

However our girls, especially our youngest Lil' Jag, would chase any strange cat that comes near, no matter the size or gender (although Kuce is much more laid back now because of her age).
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I had Nikita out in the garden with me on a harness when a black female cat that lives two houses over came to see what intruder was in the garden.

Nikita poofed up and growled and hissed at the black cat and after a while the black cat backed off veeeery slowly and ran back to her house where she banged on the window while meowing lots going: "let me in let me in"

Nikita was still rather freaked out, and didn't quite know exactly what had happened while I was feeling weirdly proud of her for having scared off the black kitty.
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