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I feel bumps! ^_^

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Was lovin' up miss Trina and her fixed beaux, King Tubby, when she rolled over on her back and, despite the fact it's still a little early, decided to gently stroke her stomach to see if I felt any bumps. I did! Two of them on one side! Has anyone else been able to detect kittens during(or a little bit before depending how you look at it) the third week? Because I couldn't think of any internal organs that could possibly be what I felt. I'm so excited!

I think her nipples are firming up too, but it's hard to say considering I keep looking every day, haha. Hers don't pinken much, even while nursing--she's a very light cat all over.

Either way, she's going to the vet on Saturday for her checkup. I'm super excited!
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i have never been able to feel any kittens untill the 4th week and even then i wasnt sure.
how many litters has she had? is she a pure breed?
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I never really knew what to feel for, so I'm not sure if I did or not. congratz on the fact that shes doing so well!
how many litters has she had? is she a pure breed?
i was wondering the same, and are you a breeder?
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Trin's had two litters.

If you go by the technical definition of a breed, then no, she's not(no papers); however, she has extensive lineage. The breeder I bought her from has been working with this type of cat for over twenty years and has, if not more, seven documented generations of this particular type of cat preceding Trina. Ultimately, she'd like to get the breed registered with TICA. Trin's a great representation. She's a red/cream point with mild, but well-placed striping, tiny and slender physique, colored and well-formed feet, etc.

Anyway, she has her vet visit on the 23rd, and I'm sure the experienced Veterinarian will be able to determine it for sure.
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colour and patteren is not a breed, what do they actually call her breed?
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Thats exacly what I was going to ask Tasha(before I saw your post), jeez, we are thinking alike today..

So did you get the stud from the same place? And what other breeds were used to make this breed?Does the breeder have a website?
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ok i was just reading through some of your other threads. your not a registered breeder. and the male there was no breed mentuned either.
dont worry no one will have a moan about it , the most you will hear is will you be getting her spayed after this litter.
how old is she, i just saw her picture , shes very pretty.
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I'm beginning to get the feeling I'm about to be attacked.

Trina is three years old. It is unlikely she will be spayed after this litter unless I or a veterinarian feels it would jeapardize her health. The reason follows as below.

I said it above: As of right now, she is not a breed. The woman is trying to decide between a few names. So far, she's settled on Colorado Lynxcat(for the tipped fur and big feet that are somewhat similar to the Lynx), but that could change.

Before anyone decides to jump up on their soap box.. yes. I know there are lots of unwanted kittens in the world, unloved, and in shelters. My kittens will not be among them(I check on them regularly), and the people who buy them would also not be choosing a kitten from there, as they are looking for something unique(generally extra toes) and reliable in temperament and background(thus the seven previous generations). For people who want the novelty, maine coons and a few others aside, it is difficult to locate a papered purebred kitten with this trait. As in the future there is a definate possibility of papers, people are drawn to these kittens.

I am not a backyard breeder. I have one queen and an unwilling(and might I add, fixed mixie) babysitter who are pampered beyond belief and adored. All of my kittens get proper medical care and go to good homes who I interview extensively. These are no "twisty" cats and they're not randomly paired moggies. Their father was from the same breeder, of the same background. They're of mostly siamese heritage, with a few others mingled in(far back) for genetic diversity and different traits.

New breeds do not randomly emerge in shelters.

If you're still not satisfied, that is fine. I understand your reasoning and I understand where you are coming from. But also know that they are all raised in healthy, sanitary conditions in a loving home environment by someone who has experience, funds, and ample time to devote to them. They are only released to the most responsible of people and checked on frequently.

So I'm asking that you respect my ideas and opinions, although different, as I respect yours. As I'm not the typical "hey, I think that it'd be cute if these random cats bred!", that simple courtesy would be much appreciated.
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I truely am sorry if you feel I was attacking you. I am not I was just rather interested in this. I have no problem with what you are doing, and I feel that you are a responsible breeder. Some may not agree with what you are doing but that is their opinion.
I also like the name of the breed. And I truely was hoping for a Polydactyly kitten in the litter of kallis. That would have been awesome. i also see that you have awebsite, I wil have to check it out
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It's alright, Keisha. Generally, that line of questioning leads elsewhere to more negative stuff. Thus I was simply explaining what I was doing, and why.

Pretty sure you have to have at least one parent with polydactyly for the offspring to be so. Of course, I think the twisty-cats phenomenom is a recessive gene.. not sure, it's somewhere in my papers. Either way, polydactyly is always fun.

Anyway, fingers crossed! She seems a little heavier too. We'll see.
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sorry if i came across nasty, just we have all seen so many unwanted litters and litters that should never have happend.
i personally do not agree with it , but thats is just my opuion. but i do hope that everything goes to plan and she has a safe delivery and very healthy kittens.
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How many kittens does she usually have? Has she ever had a seal-point? Or is that not a color in this specific breed?...
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Aww, wow. I'm so happy for you
Ickle baby cute
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Her first litter was five, and in her second, she had two, so I guess the average is 3.5, but I'm hoping for four!

Some seal point kittens show up every now and then, but Trin will never have one because she's a red point, and since that color is located on the X chromosome, all of her babies will have some red in them. Though rare, a seal point or two will make an appearance in other queens, but that is super rare as it's been bred almost completely out. The only temporary "pointed" cats are kittens who haven't developed their coloring, and redpoints who eventually develop faint stripes as well. They definately look pointed as kittens, but really don't end up that way!

This was Trina's daughter, Princess, at eight weeks.. She's the one on the left. I apologize for the image size--she actually appears darker here than she was. Regardless, the difference is stunning, at least, imho.

And a year later(yes, playing with string, I've lectured her mom over this). Though her coloring is still not totally in(it won't be so for another year and a half, if not longer for the red), you can see the definate striping. I wish I had a picture in between the two--because of mom's red undertone, for around nine months, these kittens look like they've rolled around in dirt.

With every new picture people send me, I'm always surprised. It's really neat!
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wel i thought i felt taki's kittens it felt like bubbles poping so i wasnt so sure she halfway through.Is this what it feels like
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