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Cuteness Alarm!!!

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I posted a video of my babies a few hours ago, but here are a few pictures of my new babies!

These a pictures from Zoé

Hiding under the couch or sleeping

Attachment 12337

Attachment 12338

Attachment 12339

Attachment 12340

Now these are pictures from Tania (I know, they look a bit alike, but once you get to know them, they are totally different (physically and psychologically, of course!)

Attachment 12341

Attachment 12342

Attachment 12343

Attachment 12344

And the last one, the two sisters sleeping together

Attachment 12345

I hope you enjoyed! Be my guest and watch my video as well, if you want! It's on my previous thread.

Thanks and tell me what you think of my little Kittens!

Marilou =^.¸.^=
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They are gorgeous!!! Congrats the first year is so fun and watching them grow!!
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Beautiful babies! I love the ones of them sleeping!
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Ok - can I catnap them...they are sweetness personified!! I just want to give them smooshie kisses....ok leaving the thread now before you send the cops after me for threatening catnapping!
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Oh good grief how gorgeous are they!!!!
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They're adorable!
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sweeter than sugar!!
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They are so darling! Look at that little cutie with her nose to the blanket sleeping!!!
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Thank you all!

I've seen a lot of other gorgious cats around here! Too bad my kittens can't meet them!
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OMG that 2nd pic is just precious, Your babies are so sweet Awwww
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