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Soft Paws!

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I'm trying Soft Paws on my babies! I could never get them de-clawed. It's so cruel! I would never get rid of them even if they clawed and scratched everything to pieces, but I will try this! So far so good! They are so cute on paws! So easy to apply! Purple pretty putty paws!
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You want to be sure and monitor them though. The claws will continue to grow regardless, and still should be trimmed occassionally. I have heard where some cat owners apply them and just forget about it and then the cat develops problems because of not being checked every so often.
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I'm definitely going to keep an eye on them! Luckily, all my cat's (except for Sarah) like thier paws touched. I like to play with thier tooties. So, making sure that thier OK is priority #1! Especially, since this is the first time I've ever used them. You never know how they will react. If they don't like them I won't use them. If it works then great!
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I wub Sukis' claws, she does belt me with her claws out but never damages the skin. Last night she walked up to me on my desk, looked at me and put her paw on my cheek. Aw I wub my puddy
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I don't mind if they tear up a rug or snag stuff. Those things can be replaced. Josephine however, likes to knead and lick me. She sleeps with me at night. Sometimes she'll get my face or she claws my arm in a really delicate area. OUCH! Maybe now that I have these I can be a little closer to her and not be so worried about being clawed in the eye or lip! I do so love soft putty paws!
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What is Soft Paws?

New product???
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Nevermind.... I found the site...

Soft Paws

Looks interesting..... don't think my Cooper would like 'em!
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I was looking at the website and the cats look like they have nailpolish on them. So darn cute!

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ou never know untill you try them. I wish they could send you a trial pair before you buy them. Ninners has been wearing them all day. She's licked her paws a couple of times but she is leaving them alone now. They get used to them. It's a better alternative than declawing that's for sure!
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Sexy purple kitty toes!!
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I just bought Soft Paws today. I have them on Hercules and Peppurr. I was kinda mad though. PetsMart only had Hot Pink and Purple in the store. Of course I chose purple. Peppurr and Hurk don't even realize they have the Soft Paws on. I think they look very cute in purple. So far they are doing awesome. I haven't seen Peppurr try to scratch anything yet, but I'm sure he will soon! Soft Paws Rock!
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