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Help me get cool birthday gifts for my sister

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As some of you know I am a twin and we are turning the big 5-0 end of July.
Hopefully we will be taking some spur of the moment trip somewhere later this summer!! But what to get her. I was thinking 50 presents!!! Some cheap like a certain type of hot cereal we like to more $$$. I don't have a budget set but probably not more than a couple hundred dollars. The gift will have to me mailed as she lives in a different state. We have the same interests-reading, gardening, cats....

Any cool ideas would be nice.
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I like the 50 small pressies idea.

How about some specialty seeds for a special plant? A pic of the 2 of you in a nice frame - engraved? A locket with your pic? Cat decorated shopping bag or scarf? A gift card for her fav book store or a book that you both can read and then discuss? Magnets? Bookmarks? A "your 50 t-shirt? That is all I can think of for now.....

I would do some cheaper gag gifts with a few nice ones thrown in.
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It's hard to say without knowing her!
I would think something really nice and special, rather than cheap gag gifts.
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I like Adrienne's ideas! I think the 50 gifts is a good idea too. Small doesn't mean cheap, so like little picture frames with maybe some pics of you two, some cat fridge magnets, etc.
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Wonderful idea! And especially if you put each one in its own little tiny gift bag with a numbered tag, so she opens them in a certain order. You could find things at the dollar store to start with -- pretty plastic wind-spinner things to hang outside, little photo-album folders, a package of hair bands or clips in all sorts of colors, little things like that... and then work up to the nice (but often very inexpensive, especially at Kohl's) photo frames and so forth.

Another thought: if she's the type to enjoy it, you could have a charm bracelet made for her with 50 charms on it. Or if you're comfortable with handling jump rings, you could do it yourself! Silverplated charms can be had for as little as $2 apiece, or you could spring for sterling if you're up for the cost. Once you have the whole thing assembled, you can take it to a jeweler who does repairs or custom work and have him solder all the jump rings, so it's secure.
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Some really good ideas-keep them coming!! I think I will stop at the farmers market before I work on Saturday to start looking for items to buy.
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My friends boyfriend did a similar thing for xmas, for every day she got a small gift to open and on xmas day she had a big present, i thought the idea was very cute.

My boss just had his big 50 on saturday, he just wanted money from everyone so he could buy a laptop.

maybe get her a voucher book, special chocolate, photoframes, keychains, plants, dvds, cds, jewelery. Maybe you and your sister could get matching rings or a necklace or something just for your very special 50th! Erm, 50 presents is alot!
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Did the two of you have any special treats that you likes when you were younger? A certain candy or cookie or something like that? A little bit of a childhood candy could be fun. My 21 year-old niece was over here having pixie sticks the other night.
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