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Bye Juli! Bye Spooky! I'll Miss you!!!!

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Julius and Spooky are being adopted! And best of all - they're going together!!!!

Here's our Juli babe:
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...and here's our Spooky girl:
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I'm sooo happy for you! Yeah for Julius and Spooky! :rainbow:
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What hairy arms you have!!!

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LOL Flim Flam What big teeth you have LDG! etc.

I'm pleased they're going together, they'd miss each other otherwise.

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That is such wonderful news! They are both very handsome cats! Great jobs both of you....once again!
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Parting is such sweet sorrow. They are both so gorgeous - you done good Mom and Dad (Laurie and Gary!)! They will both be so happy in their new furrever home.
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I am so happy for you and your kitties! And I am doubly happy that they are going together to their new home. That is wonderful!
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They are both such beautiful cats! And I am sure they will be very happy with their new home! It is so great they will be going together, that way they won't feel so out of place at first!
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Well, we dropped them off at the Vet. They'll get de-wormed again, and we'll find out tomorrow if they need any further care. It was all tears - although we'll need to go back there to make the "hand off" to their new mum.

I've put a handbook together for her! What I wrote is two pages, and then I printed out Bringing A New Cat Home, The Litterbox - How To Make Sure Your Cat Uses It, and Tips for Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy from - where else - here! They're in the Care section.

And if for any reason it doesn't work out, she has promised they'll be returned to us.

I'm so happy and sad all at the same time. At least they're warm for sure tonight! It's only nine degrees outside right now. I'm worried about the other three - what will they do without that huge fluffy Julius?

Gary actually got so worried he wrapped the box they've been sleeping in with heat tape (the stuff that keeps pipes from freezing). So now there's heat tape and insulation, and self-heating blankets inside...

I wish we had room for them all. Spooky buried herself in Gary's arm at the Vet - she actually started purring and kneading! Juli bolted for the garbage can...
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They are both so beautiful, and I hope they have a wonderful life with their new owner! I don't think I could do what you're doing, I get waaay too attached to kitties!!!!! I'd have to keep them all for myself!!!!!
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What a bitersweet moment for you both. It's fabulous that Julius and Spooky have a loving home to go to and that must be your and Garys overriding motivation in all this. OF COURSE it's going to be sad, they've become part of your family.

Bon Voyage to the 2 fluffies and I hope sincerely that they settle in to their new home.
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Good luck to the two furbabies on their new adventure!!
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I'm happy and sad at the same time. I know you'll miss them both terribly, but how wonderful that they're going to a permanent home - TOGETHER! Great news!!! They are both just darling! Laurie - you and Gary should be very proud - you are wonderful people!


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They will always have each other for company and now a forever family to love them as much as you do. They are lucky cats to have had you in their lives!
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Thank you guys so much for all the kind words. I really, really need them right now. I was so happy we found them a furrever home, but now that we've said goodbye, I'm so, so sad.

So it's done. We went to "hand off" Julius and Spooky to their new mum and dad tonight. We met them at the animal hospital. We got there first so we could spend a few minutes with the cats. One of the staff brought them into an empty exam room, and we went in there. Gary said - "Hey - look who it is!" And the cats, which were facing the other way, turned around in unison, and I would swear they smiled. Gar walked over to the table, and they both dove at him. Spooky started purring and kneading on his arm, and Juli buried his head into Gary's armpit. Gary leaned into them, and Spooky dove over into his arms, he started petting her tummy, and she was kneading into the air. I scooped up Juli who was purring so loud the whole room was echoing. These were feral cats that lived outside!

We know all the staff over there as we're there several times a week for something or another. Juli and Spook spent the night there last night (although I am happy to report that they are very healthy!). All the staff say that Spooky is the sweetest cat they've ever met.

We plunked the kitties back on table, and Spooky curled into Juli and it was just a mass of fur and purrs. We both just stood there petting them both - and their new parents showed up. Two of the assistants came in with them - and they basically just stood there with their mouths open. They were prepared by us that they're adopting feral kitties - and they were expecting these totally scared, timid cats. Mum and Dad both petted both cats, and Juli and Spooky just ate it up. I'm sure part of it is that they're just so happy not to be in the cages in the back with sick cats around them (the dog section and cat section aren't even in the same building) - but it was truly amazing.

I started us on this cat venture - but Gary really took it to a different level as far as our interaction with the outside kitties. He's taken a lot of the responsibility for the outside cats (although in our work partnership he's not as tied to the computer as I am), and he has turned out to be such a great feral kitty dad!

New mum and dad called us just a few minutes ago. Spooky immediately came out of the crate and started exploring the new room. Juli was still in the crate, peering out with interest, watching Spooky check out everything.

Just in case, we told new mum and dad that the cats MUST come back for a check up in three months. Doc said that if they look maltreated or malnourished in any way, they'll notify us immediately. Besides - we see new mum at the A&P frequently.

But these cats are just so loving! I love Lazlo and Sheldon to death - but neither of them even comes close to the tummy-rubbing love nuts these two turned into. Gary and I just kept wondering, how could we be giving these cats away? The only answer is that we live in such a small space.

But their new parents are so excited - and EVERYONE at the Blairstown Animal Hospital told them that these are just incredible cats. So they feel like they got something really special.

I guess they did.
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I can't even imagine how sad you must be, but you did the best thing for Spooky and Juluis. They have a loving home, and a new Mom and Dad who already love them, I'm sure. They will always know warmth, full tummies, and the love of people because of you and what you did for them.
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