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my cat Taki is pregnant...

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Hello iam new to this site and my cat Taki is pregnant she half way through shes doing well but any help and advice would be greatly apreciated i was going to put a picture on of her but i dont know how sorry
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Welcome! Are there any questions in particular you need answered?
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thanks.Is there anything we should know about setting up her kittening box?
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There are a lot of experienced gals here that can give you some great ideas. For me I picked up a box from Costco and placed it in the master bath where I expect she will deliver her kittens. I've put a soft towel on the bottom of the box and placed it under the vanity. I also have a kennel set up with a sheet drapped over it so that once she's delivered I can move her and the kittens into a clean, private area.
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Hello! I've added Taki to our "Kitten Watch" thread here:
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hello thanks for that.How does kitten watch work do you put in how many weeks she has left or how many weeks she is?
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The kitten watch it how many weeks along she is. Its a nice way to see other pregnant cat owners.
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thanks ive put her on.
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I use a large cardboard box for my queens to deliver their
kittens in. Make sure it is large enough for mummy cat to
lay all streched out in.. without hitting the edges & being cramped up.

(I can then throw the box out after babies are born)

In the bottom of the box... put plenty of newspaper.. they like to rip it
all up at times to make a nest. I also put in an old towel.

Put this box somewhere quiet...they do prefer a dark corner or spot under somethink. Show it to your girl... pop her in there & encorage her to check the box out. She may just wanna get straight out again. I find that by spending a couple of minutes there petting the cat they relax a bit more.. but will jump out as soon as I leave them.. that is cool.

Some of my girls have not shown 1 bit of interest in going into the box.. until it became delivery time.. others have slept in "their" box from the moment I showed them!!!

Good luck!!

Mr K's Mum
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hiya thanks ill kept this in mind when is the best time to put the boxout?
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I usually set my birthing boxes up when my queens are about 5-6 weeks pregnant.

This gives them time to check it all out before the big event.

Good luck,

I cannot wait to hear your birth announcement!!!

Mr K's Mum
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