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Anyone know this breeder?

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I dont know if any of you guys breed persians/himalayans but I figured I would give it a shot. Does anyone know anything about this breeder? Whiskits Cattery in Independence Missouri. One of my friends got a cat that came from this breeder. Well technically she bought it from someone who bought it from them. She got permission from the breeder to own the cat. To make sure she didnt care if the cat was passed onto her or if she wanted the cat back. But now shes wanting to get another kitten from her. I told her she really needed to do research before she did that. Especially since we live in Arkansas and it will be a long drive for her!
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Personal opinion - If they are looking for pet only, they would be ok, but if they were considering a show cat (alter or breeding) then that is NOT a good cattery to get your cats from.

If you compare their cats to the winning ones in any association they would not win.

Championship is relatively easy to get if you go to small shows without competition. GRAND champion is a lot harder to achieve.

Looking at the pedigrees I see very few champions and only one grand - so the pedigrees are not top quality.

I don't particularly like the style - ears are a little too big, coats not that great and 1/2 the cats are not too bad on profile, but I just don't like the "look". I've seen a lot better quality persians.
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All I can say is I did not see any information on PKD testing for any of the parents, that is not to say, they have not PKD tested, but I didn't see any confirmation. However, it does say they are undergoing changes to the site. I would be concerned on health testing and a health guarantee, whether pet or show/breeder quality.
I cannot comment on type, but if looking for a pet, I still would look for health.

Good Luck.
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