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Strange cat behavior!

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I need some feedback on how to handle some strange cat behavior. Here is some of her previous history.
She is 13 years old and spent the first 10 years of her life with her previous owner. When I got her she had moved into a temporary house because the owner had too many animals. I picked her up and moved her into my studio apt. A few months later I was forced to move and we moved into another apartment with a roommate.

My previous roommate had a dog and they were separated at all times because the dog would go at her (not viciously, she was a curious puppy). My cat would go into my bedroom with me at night when I went to bed and that was the routine for 2 1/2 years. At first, she would scratch at the door to be let out but that stopped when I would ignore her and she wouldn't get a reaction. Everything was fine.

Three & 1/2 months ago I had to move again and I moved into another roommate situation. It's a huge house and for the first 2 weeks I would leave my door cracked open at night so she could go in and out of my room. A third person moved into the house so I changed it back to the original routine at my old apartment. Up until about 2 weeks ago it was fine.
Now, she has begun the scratching at the door routine coupled with loud yowls to get out of the room. This does not happen every night but only occassionally. Last night, it was going to start again and I opened my bedroom door to let her out. When she was out of the room she would come in and out of the room constantly to jump on my bed with me. When she wasn't on my bed she was sitting outside my door and finally woke me up again loud yowls while just laying down on the ground outside my door with the door open.

I cannot do the ignoring routine and wait for this to pass because I have roommates I have to consider. I am also scheduling an appointment with the vet to rule out physical problems.

Any ideas?
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I'm glad you are going to take her to the vet for a check up, just in case there is a physical cause.

One of my older cats does this sort of thing whenever there is a big change in the household. Once things settle down, he goes back to being calm and quiet at night. So, perhaps your cat is responding to the move and the new roommate. Give it a little longer and give her lots of extra loving right before bedtime and see whether things improve.

Good luck!
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I go for everything lotsocats said
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