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My kitten cracks me up

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Faith is 1.5 years old and Hope is just 6 months. She is at that rebellious teenager stage. Saturday I came home to find a ligtbulb & globe from the dining room chandelier on the carpet. The lights point upward and must be unscrewed before the globe can be lifted!!! off. How did she manage that? She is a wild one. Of course I didn't yell at her. This morning she scared me b/c she was sleeping in one of the bathroom sinks. What a nut. She also has gotten into a box of tapons and pulled them out and took off the wrappers (special!!) and knocked over the vase on the bath tub and broke it to pieces. While Faith will run back to the house if she even hears a dog barking down the block, Hope will go over to the neighbors and stand in front of two barking dogs like "What's your problem?". Poor Faith. She always watches out for Hope though, she will actually tilt her head in the direction of the location of the wild one, but when I come home to find the destruction she just looks at me like "Well, you know it wasn't ME, it's that other one"!
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Thanks for the stories.

I've never had a cat before, so I am especially amused by everything my 7 month old kitten does. She is very affectionate, and loves to lay in my lap. Whenever I am on the couch in a position that does not allow her to cuddle with me, she meows in a sort of angry tone and I can almost hear her thinking "excuse me, you need to move so I can get in my spot." Also, if she is sleeping and I pet her, she meows in a different tone that sounds confused, yet happy that I am petting her. It's hilarious.
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That is so funny. Mine purr when petting but no meowing. Faith never meows, never has. Isn't that strange? Even her purr isn't 100%. Maybe it's broken. So now you are a cat owner?! Bet you can't own just one! Like a Lays potato chip.
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I've already got the urge to get more, but I know we can't handle that right now. Plus, ours is so spoiled she probably wouldn't tolerate having another cat taking our attention.

In fact, that reminds me of another funny thing that's been happening...We have a neighbor who has outside cats, and recently noticed that one of them loves sitting in our patio area-right beside our sliding glass door. When Sophie notices him, she goes nuts. She hisses, makes a loud, deep meowing noise repeatedly, and even attacks the window trying to get at him (which I imagine hurts very badly given how hard she hits the glass). Thankfully, this has only happened twice, but I think it's an indication that she wants her territory all to herself!
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That is so cute!! I love kittens. Luckily, I have a cat that I don't think will ever get past the kitten stage...

Dinah also sleeps in the sink! She likes to turn on the water and play in it, though. Hilarious (even though it hurts my water bill)
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That is so funny about your water bill. The first thing I do when I go in bathroom to take a shower in the morning is turn on the jacuzzi tub faucet (very slowly) for Faith so she can drink and wash her face I suppose (if I don't she rubs ner neck against the faucet) and then I turn on the sink faucet for Hope (after she gets out of the sink b/c sleeps there often),for her so she can splash big drops all over the mirror!! And I am very miserly about the utilities, but not when it comes to the kitties.
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Seriously? Now that is too funny.
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Originally Posted by maree View Post
Seriously? Now that is too funny.
We just moved into a house with new faucets that she can pull forward. She turns it on and plays under there... and she even turns it off when she's done! So responsible. She loves water, though; I give her baths every Friday (she was taken from her mommy too soon and never learned to clean herself properly)
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