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Kitten problem part 2

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Hi all,

A few weeks ago I posted about my 12 week old kitten that was urinating overnight on my bed. We adopted him from somebody who saved the mother who was feral.

Most of you suggested that he may not be able to get off the bed in time being so small. Instead of making a way for him to get off the bed like stairs etc. I decided to sleep on the couch for a few weeks because I was nervous about him getting in a habit.

Two weeks past and he did not urinate on the bed. Now all of the sudden he is doing it during the day, only if I am home! We give him a lot of attention and he uses the litter box all day

Any tips now? He gets on and off the bed with no problem so I don't understand why he is doing this every now and then.

Here is the kitten (Max) http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o...ctures/Max.jpg
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i also have a new kitten, formerly feral, who was peeing on the floor, while pooping in her box [special little one i know she could get into, etc]. i got some of the Cat Attract litter for cats & kittens, & now she's extremely consistent about using it! call around to pet stores in your area to see who carries it... if no one does, you can buy it [or the additive] online. if you have to go online, i suggest the additive - it's much lighter, so shipping is less, & you can add it to whatever litter you're currently using.
all this is assuming you've done the vet visit to eliminate the possibility of a UTI, of course!
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Thanks for that tip. I am going to try and find this. Somebody also suggested to me that he may not like the litter and to just try changing it. I keep the box very clean so it is not getting dirty where he would not want to use it.

We did take him to the vet for all the initial testing and shots and besides some ringworm in feces he was healthy.

We have another appt. Friday for the next set of shots so I will ask the vet again.

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There you go.

He's a beauty. My suggestion.. until he's getting more consistent, and hopefully if you get the cat attract.. close off your room. Clean it up with Nature's Miracle. Your bed will soon smell like a litterbox to him. And that won't help. You need to minimize damage now, and then let him in when supervised only.
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The problem is I live in a studio condo so there is no way for me to close off the bedroom Before he only did this at night but now that I have been sleeping on the couch he only does it when I am here! As soon as I turn around to watch tv or something he does it...Not only once but twice!

Is there any products you all recommend that will keep him off the bed for now like those sprays?

I am going to tell the vet again about this issue at his appt. tomorrow but last time he said it was not due to a physical issue.
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The site says it can not be used with corn litter and we use The worlds best cat litter.

Is this just to try and sell other litter or do I have to switch to use this?

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i bought the actual litter, because my pet store did not have the additive... probably, tho, because there are TONS of clay based litters out there.
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