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I really just want to learn how to post these pictures from my ISP rather than Photobucket....

Here is another.....

Sam and Mewster...on "Lizard Watch"

Is this picture too big?
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nope, its perfect!!!

that is a CUTE pic!!! looks they they have their attention on someone/something,lol
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As my parents' would say to their dogs... "Where's your buddy?"! Drives them nuts trying to look for lizards!
Picture's the purrfect size!
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Part of the problem is that as an Adult cat, you are only allowed 40K in attachments.

Adult Cat
100 posts and 30 days in membership
20 stored PMs
20 additional avatars to choose from
40 Kb in uploaded attachments
Posting access to IMO, if over 18.
The picture you just posted is slightly over 20K, so you aren't going to have room for much more.
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yay - got some kitties on lizard watch - did they see any ?
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Okay....I understand now...too much trouble....and I am frustrated.

Thanks anyway.
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They are very cute together!
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Love the fluffy tail on the one nearest! Too cute!
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They look adorable and sure watching something intently. Amazing how watching "nothing" absolutely facinates them isn't it? hehe

So far as posting pictures from your ISP, it's the same principle as using Photobucket.

1. Contact your ISP and find out the following for your web space:
- User name
- Host name
- Password

2. Go to the following link and download an FTP program and follow the instructions given there to set up the above information in it.


3. When you want to upload something....
- open the FTP program

- if you added the information in properly, it should automatically login to your webspace

- the webspace shows in the right pane. Your computer hard drive in the left one.

- the window on the right is the "root directory". You can upload to that, or you can make sub folders to organize your files better.

- If you want to make a subfolder in the root directory click the "MKDIR" button. Type in the name and the folder is created. Double click the folder to open it.

- use the left pane and click the green up arrow until you get to the path of the folder containing your pictures.

- Once you see the folder in the window, double click it to open it.

- Hold down CTRL and press enter for each image you want to upload

- Press the -----> arrow in the middle and it will upload the images to the webspace.

- uploaded files will show in the right pane.

- after the upload is done. Close the program.

To post your pictures here after uploading your images, do the following in your posts:

Note: change the round ( ) brackets that I hightlighted in red to square [ ] ones.

If you uploaded to the root directory, your path will be something like this:


If you created a subfolder, the path will be like this one:


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They are so cute standing guard!
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