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Mom ,i had a OOPSIE!!!!!

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I have let the babies have run of my front room/kitchen ( there 5 weeks old) and the front room/kitchen ONLY. they have been using a litterbox for over 2 weeks and eating regular food and water.

well, i got up this morning to hear scratching, so i was thinkin YAY, there still using the litterbox without being reminded!!! I walked into the kitchen, and poor Tess musta been confused, cause she was in Tiggers dry food bowl, trying to scratch around to go poo!! I laughed so hard, she was soooo confused!!! i picked her up, put her in the litterbox, and she dug deep, went then looked at me like " thanks mom!!"
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Poor confused kitty. Glad you were able to help her before she ruined the food!
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What a nasty surprise that would have been ! Good thing you found the tyke before disaster struck.
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Poor babe knew it didn't feel right! Good thing you were in time to rescue her.
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aww bless , we had the same thing with some foster kittens a cupple of years ago. but i didnt get there in time lol.
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OMG! That`s so funny! Poor little baby.
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poor little baby i've had kittens do that before too
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Oh that is sooooo funny!!!! I'd die laughing!
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Too funny! I would've gotten the camera!
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poor baby! She will get it eventually!
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Ha! Bless her, she was trying to get it right...
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Ahh how cute, well at least she's certain that she's suppose to dig a hole somewhere.
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That is so cute!!
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Bless her heart.....and thank goodness you made it there in time!!
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